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Are YOU looking for Karate Classes or maybe a Martial Fitness Class? Have you thought about learning Self Defense or improving Self-Confidence? Go2Karate.com® has over 600 martial arts schools in The United States and Canada that have special offers for you and your community members. Go2Karate® has over 19,000 martial arts school listings in the United States and Canada. COMING SOON, Go2Karate® is connecting with schools in South America, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Korea.


School Owners
Are YOU a Martial Arts school owner looking to reach out to your community members? The Go2Karate® is a public listing site that offers school owners multiple levels allowing community members to find you and your business. Share your martial arts knowledge and experience with your community members and let them begin their Martial Arts Journey with YOU! Go2Karate.com receives daily requests asking to enroll in a program within their community. Go2Karate brings students to YOU!


Go2Karate Lists 46 Styles
Go2Karate® has a wide variety of martial art styles, organizations and association listing their martial arts styles and academies on Go2Karate.com. Are you looking to learn more about the various martial art styles or a school owner looking to add a style or make corrections to historical facts? You’ve come to the right place! Go2Karate® has eight districts in the United States serving school owners a community members by “Uniting People With Martial Art Schools Around The World.”