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Offering Business Development and Consulting Services For The Martial Arts Industry.

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We Are Not Just Consultants, We Are Also Martial Artists

Our team has a deep understanding of martial arts

With over 60 years of combined successful martial arts business experience, we can help get your business to where it should be. Our consultants have owned multiple martial arts locations and built brands that have maintained their status as a top-tier and high-performing martial arts school throughout decades, trends, and economic changes.

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Go2Karate® Is Changing Lives In The Martial Arts Industry.

School Owners Around The Nation Are Joining The Go2Karate® Club.

Business Development

Operational Systems

Fully Customized To Your Needs

Consulting Services

Tools To Run YOUR School

Planners, Scripts, Collateral & More

You will receive individualized attention to help grow your martial arts business in your area

No two businesses and areas are the same. And with personalized 1:1 meetings with a martial arts consultant, you will learn how to increase profits, attract and retain students, build a positive reputation in your community, and adapt to changes that are thrown your way. We look at where your business is now and how you can improve and even expand your business.

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Tracy Thomas

Tracy Thomas

Marketing Experience That Counts

Tracy has owned a marketing company since the 90's and is the Founder of Go2Karate®. As a marketing and business consultant he has been been offering the highest level of consulting services outside of the martial arts industry for years. Working with companies that manage millions in revenue.

Go2Karate® is proud to deliver the same level of consulting with top consultants servicing school owners in the martial arts industry.

There is a reason why hundreds of school owners are working with Go2Karate® and we invite you to see what our team has to offer for you and your business.

A Real Game Changer In Business


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Well, if you made it this far we can tell that you want to

GROW Your Martial Arts School

We are EXCITED For You!

Whether you are a single karate school owner or own a chain of martial arts schools we have a marketing platform for you.

When you download this book you will be placed on a list to receive future book updates, tips, methods and systems you can utilize to GROW your school FAST!

Be Stronger Than Your Competition and GAIN The Higher Ground With a Better Online Footprint.

Go2Karate® Consulting Areas

Branding and Marketing Strategy

Build a strong connection between your brand and marketing strategy that will deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. Get more students through your doors.

Sales and E-commerce

Understand each stage of the buyer’s journey and use that information to increase sales.


Work smarter not harder with effective ways to run your martial arts operations that will increase your net profits.

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The G2K Platform Uses Industry-Leading Partners and Resources

A part of why the martial arts schools that we help are so successful!

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