Fire a Student? 7 Signs You Should


fire a student


As a martial arts school owner, you know that your job is to pass on your knowledge and expertise to your students. You spend countless hours perfecting your craft and teaching others as a way to preserve and share martial arts traditions. However, not every student is a good fit for your school. In some cases, it may become clear that you need to let a student go in order to maintain the integrity of your martial arts community. In this post, we’ll discuss the seven signs that suggest it’s time to fire a student.

1. Constant Disrespect

Martial arts is built upon a foundation of respect for one’s instructor, fellow students, and oneself. If a student consistently shows disrespect towards their instructor, this can erode the atmosphere of the entire school. The student may talk back, argue, make snide comments, or belittle others, showing that they do not value the learning experience or the relationships within the school.

2. Dangerous Behavior

Safety is a major priority when practicing martial arts. If a student has a pattern of dangerous behavior, this jeopardizes the welfare of their training partners, other students, and even themselves. Examples of dangerous behavior may include excessive aggression, poor impulse control, or a lack of concern for the consequences of their actions. Endangering others is definitely a reason to consider that you might need to fire a student.

3. Frequent Absences

Consistent attendance is crucial for personal growth and the success of the school. Frequent absences indicate a lack of commitment to the school, their training, and their progress. Keeping a student on the roster who is seldom present wastes resources and can hinder the development of the group as a whole.

4. Non-Cooperation

A student who refuses or struggles to follow instructions and guidance, or consistently ignores the rules of the dojo, can be a hindrance to the progress of others. It can also make it difficult for the instructor to teach effectively, taking away valuable time from well-behaved students.

5. Lack of Improvement

While not all students progress at the same rate, an unwillingness to learn or make improvements can be a sign that a student is not a good fit for your school. This could be due to a lack of motivation, or an inability to accept constructive criticism and guidance.

6. Unwillingness to Partner with Others

Martial arts training often requires students to work together in pairs or groups for drills and exercises. If a student consistently refuses or hesitates to partner with others, this can create tension and division within the group. It’s crucial for students to support one another, and the lack of collaboration disrupts this supportive environment.

7. Causing Conflicts

Martial arts schools thrive on camaraderie and a sense of community. If a student frequently engages in arguments, gossip, verbal or physical aggression, or any other behaviors that spark conflict, it’s time to consider letting them go. Disruptive students can undermine the morale and culture of your dojo, and negatively impact the experiences of other students.

Making the Hard Decision

If you notice these signs in one of your students, it’s important to evaluate their place in your school. Have a frank conversation with them about the issue at hand and give them an opportunity to address the problem. If their behavior does not improve, it may be in the best interest of your school to fire the student and let them go.