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The Go2Karate® Directory Helps Thousands Of Schools Owners Get Seen.



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The Go2Karate is a directory site is helping your target audience, our sites visitors find reputable Martial Arts Schools in their community. You simply need to...

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Message From Our Go2 Karate Founder

When it comes to building a business model online, I realize it can be very confusing and, in many cases, overwhelming. Our Team brings a great deal of experience to the table.

Tracy Lee Thomas

Go2 Karate | Founder
8th degree
Master Instructor & Practitioner

Our Go2 Karate® company is comprised of five puzzle pieces.


The Go2 Karate Directory

The World’s Leading Martial Arts Directory with a robust platform that has united tens of thousands of community members with martial arts facilities.

Our case study places us at the top of this industry.

It’s our Mission, and as a Veteran I am mission oriented. Uniting People With Martial Arts Schools Around The World is what Go2 Karate does very well, day in and day out.


The Recognition Award

When it comes to giving back to the community of Martial Artists the Go2 Karate Recognition Award serves the industry well. By respectfully honoring those men and women who have sacrificed and committed themselves to a life of training others in Martial Arts.

We want their Martial Arts story told, it is their legacy.

We want their contribution seen by thousands within the MA industry and we market this to make sure they are seen as the real superheroes of this world.


The Go2 Karate Business Magazine

This Martial Arts Business Magazine is yet another way to give back Martial Arts Instructors and School Owners. As an owner of 4 Krav Maga Schools and 4 Martial Arts Schools, I understand what it takes and what it can break on a day-to-day basis.

The struggle can be real in your school...

The magazine is a free tool of knowledge that is delivered by our magazine writers and contributors to help our fellow Martial Artists and lighten their load of stress with guidance and direction.


The Go2 Karate Free Resources

Our Go2 Karate Resources page is where we have multiple free tools to once again help you and your martial arts academy out. You can click here to see the TOOLs.

“Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often.” — Mark Twain

Our word is our bond, and our actions seen at Go2 Karate. As an individual who has serves on 501(c)(3)’s – nonprofits, giving back is a BIG part of my life. I personally want to have Our word is our bond, and our actions seen" at Go2 Karate resonate throughout the Martial Arts Industry.


The Go2 Karate Marketing Platform

This may be a little confusing... There is a difference between a website and a marketing platform. Our individual Top Martial Arts Websites that we offer to Martial Arts School Owners are not really just a website. Our Go2 Karate Development along with our Marketing Team and I wanted to assure we had the best platform on the market and at a reasonable price.

We DO NOT have cookie cutter websites.

Our websites are full blown marketing platforms not traditional websites seen everywhere else in the industry. The Go2 Karate platform sites are wireframed on the same platforms we utilize for high-end builds for doctors, law firms, medical facilities, donor organizations, and many more built by a digital marketing agency I founded decades ago, Rev Marketing.

Whether you are a new school owner or a seasoned Martial Artist, Go2 Karate will be able to handle your wants and needs in growing your school(s).

I wish you the best on your continued journey and hope you join our Go2 Karate Cause and Mission as we are Uniting People With Martial Arts Schools Around The World. In a world full of chaos and unknown times... Your school can make a difference.

We can help make that difference. Martial Arts schools give guidance, direction, a path, a positive environment, a place to train and destress, and deliver hope in life for our students.

Our mission is real, and together, our actions show who we are and we humbly ask you to join us on this path.

Do You Feel Lost Or Unsure?

At Go2 Karate our Team cares about you and your school and Dr. Greg Moody is a true leader and mentor for so many school owners. At Go2 Karate he helps change the lives of Martial Art School Owners, every day, all day long. His relentless commitment and fortitude in helping others extends well outside the realm of this industry.

Greg Moody

Once again, we want you to see that we are here to help you and your school.

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20 / 20 At Go2 Karate

Each month we allot space and time to help 20 school owners for FREE for 20 minutes. The counter above is kept up and indicates our 20 / 20 availability.

As you are reading this the schedule may fill up. If it does check back next month and do so as early as possible in the month.

Click this button to schedule your 20 /20 FREE Consultation.

The G2K Platform Uses Industry-Leading Partners and Resources

A part of why the martial arts schools that we help are so successful!

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