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The Go2Karate® Directory Site Is Listing Of Karate Schools And All You Need To Do Is Find The Right One.


Easily search and compare Karate Instructors and their Schools in Your Local area or Online. You can search for information such as student reviews, ratings, customer service and even background checks.


Feel secure knowing you get to choose what type of Karate school, martial arts style and location as well as the offer. You can browse around, complete their Karate school form to get more information or give them a call directly.


Feel secure knowing you get to choose what type of Karate school, martial arts style and location as well as the offer. You can browse around, complete their Karate school form to get more information or give them a call directly.

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Confused about picking the perfect dojo for your child? Ever wondered what to look for in a famiily-friendly martial arts school? Well, we have the perfect guide for you. AND ITS FREE!

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The Martial Arts Compass book download
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Go2 Karate Magazine

Go2 Karate Magazine is an invaluable FREE resource for Martial Artists, Enthusiastists, and School Owners featuring high-quality content crafted by leading experts. With quarterly publications, you can stay informed with tips on improving your training, learning new techniques, read about martial arts leaders and much more.


Go2Karate Lifetime Recognition Award

We are VERY proud to announce this month’s award goes to

Sensei Tina Takahashi

A former World Champion and Olympic Coach, Football Mom, Author, Hall of Fame member and Pioneer in women’s martial arts.

Ottawa, Canada

I am respectfully requesting that our fellow Martial Artists join hands in a “Congratulatory Message”, honoring her on this lifetime achievement. We are proud to be presenting her with the Go2Karate Recognition Award in March.


Featured Martial Artists

Learn more about some of the great Martial Artists on Go2Karate

Dwayne Flees
Todd Droege
Travis Tooke
Mark Cameron
Amanda Olson


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