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About Kempo Martial Arts Academy

At Kempo Martial Arts Academy, we will help your child to develop good habits, take responsibility, develop self-discipline, teach them the importance of keeping commitments, and develop self-confidence and self-esteem. They will have fun while learning and developing balance and coordination. They will also learn to defend themselves when needed and how to avoid or escape threatening situations.
Since Kempo Karate is a Japanese hard style karate, we only allow Black belt instructors to teach classes. Our style of karate is broken into three segments: the art or fundamentals of karate which consist of drills and exercises that promote balance, strength, coordination, and self-discipline sport karate (tournament training) which includes katas (a series of defined forms) and controlled sparring and street techniques which include throws, joint controls or locks, strikes, awareness, and escape techniques.

Meet Martial Arts School Owner Frank Heinen

With a passion for helping community members stay safe while teaching the “art” of martial arts, our Master Instructor believes that each student can obtain their goals and objectives in life. While teaching techniques that save lives with life skills that work both on and off the mat, our students get the best instruction possible.

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Kempo Martial Arts Academy

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Listen To What Our Happy Students and Parents Are Saying

The instructors, staff, and students here are all kind, nurturing people eager to both improve themselves and to help others advance. I highly recommend training here. Sean Everyone at the academy is amazing!! We are so happy we found them! Brooke

Kempo Martial Arts Academy Programs

Kempo karate, Pancrase Grappling/ Jujitsu, Self-Defense & Awareness, Paradigm Escrima Arnis