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3809 Princess Anne Rd, #115 & #116, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA 23456

We respectfully invite you as a community member to try a FREE Introductory Pre-School Karate For Kids Class, Karate For Kids Class, Adult Martial Arts Class,Groupon Krav Maga Class at any one of our locations throughout Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, Virginia.

Please complete the contact form to schedule your first karate lesson.

The Changing Lives Martial Arts Adult Programs:

Stress Reducing- nothing beats kicking and punching for stress reduction

Fitness- beating the typical boring gym routine in a fun and safe environment

Reality Based Self Defense- it save lives and changes lives

Social- meeting new people in a positive environment

Empowering Oneself- building confidence and self esteem

The Changing Lives Krav Maga Training for teens and adults:

Civilians- awareness, self defense, fitness and extreme confidence

Law Enforcement- fitness, reaction drills, reality based self defense

Military- combatives, reality based training, disarming, fitness

Corporate Team Building- Teaching concepts of personal victory in a team environment

Contact Information
Phone: 757-471-9022