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We are excited to display the Go2 Karate Business Magazine Table Of Contents For 2023.

Cover Story by Go2 Karate

Forming A Strategy by Tracy Lee Thomas

Success Tips by Stephen Oliver

How To Build Your School by Chief Master Moody

Authors Spotlight by Rev Publish

Get More Reviews by Local Trust Navigator

Ask Master Mom by Master Amanda Olson-Illescas

Martial Arts Resources by Go2 Karate

Go2 Karate Recognition Award by Go2 Karate

Martial Arts Stories by Go2 Karate

Nutritional Notes by Lisa Agens

Financial Corner by Michael Graff

Bully Prevention by Chief Master Moody

Veterans Corner by Chief Master Michael Brown

Please note that the Go2 Karate Team will reach out to those who submitted content that is considered the top martial arts submissions and those selected to have their information added to the Go2 Karate Business Magazine.

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About Our Editor

Denise Morin - Rev Publish Publisher

Denise is the chief editor at Rev Publish and manages all aspects of author publishing to the Go2 Karate Magazine. As a 5th degree, who ran and operated 4 Martial Arts and Krav Maga schools, she understands the day-to-day operations.

Denise is a world traveler who loves the outdoors from riding her Harley, to outdoor photography, to hiking and camping. The Go2 Karate Team is blessed to have her experience and positive energy on our Team.

Go2 Karate Business Magazine 2023 Martial Arts Industry Contributors

A BIG THANK YOU To All Of The Following Go2 Karate Business Magazine Contributors.

We hope everyone loves their amazing content geared toward

positively impacting the lives of Martial Arts School Owners.

Tracy Thomas

Tracy is a multi-business owner, business coach, serial entrepreneur, and an 8th Dan for over 30 years. His passion is helping others, working with them to develop and hone the skills needed to be successful and an influencer in their field.

Go2 Karate Business Magazine | Forming A Strategy
Greg Moody

Greg Moody, Ph.D.

Dr. Moody graduated from the Arizona State University with a bachelor's degree in engineering, a Master's degree in Counseling, and his Doctorate in Philosophy Curriculum and Instruction. He is an 8th Dan and a serial entrepreneur and a licensed counselor.

Go2 Karate Business Magazine | How To Build Your School
Stephen Oliver

Stephen Oliver

Stephen is the leading coach to top-level martial arts schools internationally. His Martial Arts Wealth program coaches school owners into high levels of student service tied to direct net profits.

Go2 Karate Business Magazine | Success Tips
Michael Graff

Michael Graff

Mike is a veteran of 38 years in the financial services industry, and is an Investment Advisor Representative, holding a Series 65 Securities License. He is also a licensed Life and Health Insurance Agent, a Chartered Financial Consultant™️ (ChFC®️), a Chartered Tax Advisor™️, and a National Social Security Advisor™️ (NSSA®️). He is the founder and principal advisor of ProIncome, a financial and investment management firm located in Walpole, MA, and the author of the book “6 Steps to Retirement” that details his retirement planning and transition process.. 

Go2 Karate Business Magazine | Financial Corner
Laurie Hunter Peterson

Laurie Hunter Peterson

Laurie is Senior Counsel for a large real estate development firm in Little Rock, Arkansas with primary practice in corporate law and business transactions. Laurie began her legal career in 1998 as a federal attorney representing the United States of America in five southern states and retired from federal practice into private corporate practice in 2019. Dovetailing with her legal career, Laurie began training in martial arts while in college and has continued to train for the past 38 years. Laurie is a 6th degree black belt master instructor that continues to strive for a balance between the corporate legal world and the world of martial arts.

Go2 Karate Business Magazine | Legal Resources
Amanda Olson

Amanda Olson-Illescas

Amanda is a founding member of the American Martial Arts Institute, Leadership Training Academy, and creator of Ask Master Mom. She has been teaching martial artist of all ages for over 40 years. Her unique perspective and approach as a mentor, has helped 1,000’s of families over the years navigate issues at home and school with positive results. She is a Trainer of Trainers and a Mom to many.

Go2 Karate Business Magazine | Ask Master Mom
Lisa Agens

Lisa Agens

After transitioning from a career in dance to dental hygiene, Lisa gained significant weight. Despite many failed attempts with diets and fads, she eventually educated herself on nutrition and its underlying science, establishing successful habits. As the founder of Your Lean Life LLC, she has assisted hundreds in shedding weight through a whole food-focused fat loss approach. An experienced teacher, coach, and mentor, Lisa is passionate about guiding others to reach their nutrition goals. She holds certifications as an ISSA Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, Precision Nutrition 1 Coach, PN Sleep, Stress Management, Recovery Coach, Henselmans Certified Personal Trainer, FlexDiet Certified, and NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach..

Go2 Karate Business Magazine | Nutritional Notes
Greg Moody

Greg Moody, Ph.D.

Dr. Moody graduated from the Arizona State University with a bachelor's degree in engineering, a Masters's degree in Counseling, and his doctorate in Philosophy Curriculum and Instruction and is an 8th Dan. He is a serial entrepreneur and a licensed counselor.

Go2 Karate Business Magazine | How To Build Your School

Andie Thomas

Andie graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in May 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Human Nutrition with a concentration in Dietetics, and became a registered dietitian shortly after completing her dietetic internship at OSF HealthCare Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria, IL, in October 2018.

Go2 Karate Business Magazine | Nutritional Notes

Dr. Justin Thomas

Dr. Thomas graduated from Radford University with a degree in Sports Medicine and continued his education, receiving his doctorate in Physical Therapy from Mary Baldwin University. Dr. Thomas is a traveling physical therapist.

Go2 Karate Business Magazine | Knowing Your Limits

Mark Webb 

Mark graduated with his Master's and Post Graduate Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling from Valdosta State University. Mark Webb is a World Champion and 6th Dan martial artist in Taekwondo.

Go2 Karate Business Magazine | Managing Stress & Anxiety
Tracy Lee Thomas

As a Martial Arts practitioner and Master Instructor, I am extremely passionate about helping others grow. The Go2 Karate Team and I have developed an amazing resource business magazine for martial arts school owners. I am very excited that the lineup for 2023 is a very special and unique group of magazine contributors for our new publication. They truly bring the real-world experience to the table and I humbly appreciate their support as their contributions to the Martial Arts industry will be a game-changer for so many school owners.

Tracy Lee Thomas

Go2 Karate | Founder
8th Degree Master Instructor


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