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Number of Violent Crimes in Alabama: 25551

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Whether you are seeking to keep your child or family safe, or gain more self-esteem and self-discipline taught in a karate, taekwondo, Jujitsu or MMA class, has the most comprehensive list of schools teaching Martial Arts classes in Alabama. Helping people stay safe with self defense techniques, situational awareness and the necessary karate skills to keep them confident when a threat occurs. These programs are fun and engaging, teaching several valuable safety lessons that include: escaping an aggressor’s grasp, how to identify a threat and how to identify and maintain their personal karate style or “circle of safety.” These reality baseds training programs are tuned and taught in a fun and safe environment. Students are trained and are challenged while learning skills that could help keep them safe and potentially save their life or that of another.

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It’s important to feel safe and secure in your daily life. The FBI unified crime report covers mostAlabama crimes but one that stands out is that there are more than 22952 violent crimes here every year. So it only makes sense that people in Alabama turn to Go2Karate to find martial arts, karate, taekwondo, etc. classes to help keep them safe. To have a sense of safety is to be prepared for what comes next; however, without any sort of professional instructions most instinctual actions are to just freeze. Learn to protect yourself in various ways by learning various styles martial arts.

Annual Crime Rates in Alabama

[rev_chart_pie title=”Alabama Crime Rates” data=”(‘Crime’, ‘Number’),(‘Violent crime’,22952),(‘Murder and Nonnegligent Manslaughter’,348),(‘Rape’,2039),(‘Robbery’,4611),(‘Aggravated Assault’,15954),(‘Property Crime’,144746),(‘Burglary’,35255),(‘Larceny-Theft’,99156),(‘Motor Vehicle Theft’,10335)”]

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[rev_chart_column title=”Alabama Crime Rates in 2015″ data=”(‘City’, ‘US Average’, { role: ‘style’ }),(‘Violent Crime’, 22952, ‘red’),(‘U.S. Average’, 24148, ‘silver’)”]

Don’t Be A Victim!

It seems you hear about violent crimes more and more everyday, be it in the media, from your friends and possibly even worse – within your family. In fact, there were 22952 violent crimes reported in Alabama. Unsettling is the fact that the next number in that stat might just be you, get a sense of protection and learn what to do when a violent crime approaches you with Martial Arts.

Law Enforcement Stats in Alabama

Law Enforcement always seems to show up when you make a driving infraction, but what about when you’re in danger and need Law Enforcement to help. In Alabama, there are 16185 Officers, does that help you to sleep at night? No? Do you know that to do when you need to defend yourself? Perhaps you should take the first step in to lead a safer life.

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[rev_chart_bar title=”Number of Full-time law enforcement employees in Alabama: 16185 Population: 4463637″ data=”(”, ”),(‘Alabama’, 3.63),(‘National Average’, 3.41)” vaxis=”” haxis=”per Thousand Residents”]

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Learn About Alabama

Alabama is a state in the southeastern region of the United States. It is bordered by Tennessee to the north, Georgia to the east, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and Mississippi to the west. Alabama is the 30th-most extensive and the 24th-most populous of the U.S. states. At 1,300 miles (2,100km), Alabama has one of the nation's longest navigable inland waterways.From the American Civil War until World War II, Alabama, like many states in the southern U.S., suffered economic hardship, in part because of continued dependence on agriculture. Despite the growth of major industries and urban centers, white rural interests dominated the state legislature from 1901 to the 1960s, as it did not regularly reapportion the legislature from 1901 to 1961; urban interests and African Americans were markedly under-represented. African Americans and poor whites were essentially disenfranchised altogether by the state constitution of 1901, a status that continued into the mid-1960s before being alleviated by federal legislation. Exclusion of minorities continued under at-large voting systems in most counties; some changes were made through a series of omnibus court cases in the late 1980s to establish different electoral systems.Following World War II, Alabama experienced growth as the state's economy changed from one primarily based on agriculture to one with diversified interests. The power of the Solid South in Congress gained the establishment or expansion of multiple United States Armed Forces installations, which helped bridge the gap between an agricultural and industrial economy during the mid-20th century. The state economy in the 21st century is based on management, automotive, finance, manufacturing, aerospace, mineral extraction, healthcare, education, retail, and technology.Alabama is nicknamed the Yellowhammer State, after the state bird. Alabama is also known as the "Heart of Dixie" and the Cotton State. The state tree is the longleaf pine, and the state flower is the camellia. Alabama's capital is Montgomery. The largest city by population is Birmingham, which has long been the most industrialized city, and largest city by land area is Huntsville. The oldest city is Mobile, founded by French colonists in 1702 as the capital of French Louisiana.