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Karate For Kids


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Martial Arts For Teens & Adults


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Mixed Martial Arts


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Welcome to Masters Thunder Zone Karate Arena!

Our Master instructors and terrific staff are excited about helping you Enroll in a Course that we have designed just for you. Masters T.Z.K is a premier Martial Arts Training Facility Located in Historic Lumberton North Carolina. Our facility is a matted 4000 sq ft of training area with Large matted floors a 23’x23′ ft Boxing, Kickboxing, floor level ring, 12 hanging heavy bags, a grappling ground fighting area an assorted range of strengthening and cardio equipment for cross training all equaling 4 training floors suitable for the leisure fitness buff to the serious martial artist.

About Our Owner!

Our Grand Master Lacy Green Jr. served our country in 3 conflicts, just cause, Panama and Desert Shield Desert Storm as a United States Paratrooper of the 82nd Airborne Division where he trained Soldiers of the 82nd, Special Ops Green Berets and Military Police. He left the Army in 1992 and founded Masters Thunder zone Karate Arena. He’s help many people in their study of the arts and now continues to serve his community and the people there in it. Grand Master Green now holds the ranks of 10th Degree Black Belt and carries the title of Hanshi Master of Masters and has a team of master instructors who have developed extra ordinary methods of training children, teens, and adults to help them be the best that they can be. He labels his groups of students by age and the curriculum is geared to their capabilities using a traditional / simi modern concept. The spark plugs 3-4-5 years, The Lightening Rods 6-7-8 years, The super Chargers 9-10-11 years and the Thunder Katz 12-17 and 18-up represents their expertise as Super Teacher and Life coaches. We can’t wait for you to come see us and we thank you for visiting our website.

Lacy Green

Why Choose Masters Thunder Zone Karate?

Superb Master Instructors

The master instructors of T.Z.K. are experts at what they do and are sincere about doing their best to help our students in achieving their goals. They are first aid and C.P.R. certified and are safety officers during classes maintaining a safe environment during training. it’s always safety first. we have fun yet rewarding classes with quality results in our students.

Our Curriculum Is Top-Notch

Masters Thunder Zone Karate has a curriculum that comes from the teaching of authentic Japanese Okinawan Karate. It is fully explained and made easy to understand it is a versatile system that forms itself to the shape of the vessel like water when the information is being poured inside. Slowly transforming the individual into an honorable martial artist.

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young martial arts students

Karate For Kids

Karate for Kids classes at Masters Thunder Zone Karate are a great way to instill integrity, courtesy and respect with children in the Lumberton, NC community. Masters Thunder Zone Karate programs teach children of all ages the valuable life lessons of respect, self-discipline, self-control, and the ability to safely defend themselves when needed. The life skills and attributes create an enduring, impactful “Personal Victory” in Martial Arts for kids. The life skills taught by our professional instructors are instrumental in shaping confident, capable, and successful people in today’s society. Interaction with the community, starting at an early age, can be an enriching and pivotal experience for any person.

Masters Thunder Zone Karate serves the community with some of the best Karate classes in Lumberton, NC. Karate for Kids has an age appropriate curriculum featuring classes specifically aimed at the physical development and mental capabilities of children and adolescents in the family. By measuring the results of the individual student, and by establishing specific goals in the context of the curriculum at Masters Thunder Zone Karate, our Karate For Kids program carries over to many other activities, studies, and pursuits in life, particularly for young students. Teaching the skill of dedication to completing an activity, setting and reaching goals, is an important part of the program designed by our instructors.

Together with others their own age, every Karate Kid can grow with the self-confidence that only a high quality Martial Arts program can deliver consistently. The course of self-improvement and leadership offered at Masters Thunder Zone Karate can ultimately be a key turning point for kids in the family. It’s not hard to see the impact our Karate lessons have on young people – more confidence from within – derived from earning and winning a “Personal Victory” in the Martial Arts.

Martial Arts For Teens & Adults

The classes for teens and adults offered at Masters Thunder Zone Karate are led by an experienced, professional team of inspiring instructors, featuring quality curriculums tested and approved by expert Martial Arts instructor Hanshi Lacy Green Jr. in a clean, convenient, comfortable, secure, and modern facility. All material is designed to train individuals through incremental development into skillful Martial Artists. Coursework is influenced by a number of popular competitive disciplines. The training system utilized at Masters Thunder Zone Karate is crafted so that any student with the willingness to try, to learn, and to persevere can become proficient Martial Arts practitioner.

In our Martial Arts for Teens and Adults classes, students learn through repetition alone and with partners in diverse, practical applications of techniques realistic scenarios. Other benefits of training in our system include development of skills that help in managing conflicts, reducing stress by releasing tension, and resisting temptations that commonly occur in modern daily life. Classes are designed offer so much more than just kicking and punching at Masters Thunder Zone Karate. Our Martial Arts for Teens and Adults classes give you the profoundly important ability to gain self-confidence while improving your personal safety and physical, mental, emotional, and social capacities.

Our loyal, motivated Martial Arts students are provided all the tools necessary to enhance the body’s basic functions such as increased flexibility, core strength, and endurance. Self-defense is taught in a safe, enjoyable environment that emphasizes the values and practical application of Martial Arts prowess that could one day save a life. Successful students dedicate themselves to pursuing mastery of the Martial Arts techniques, life skills, and leadership traits. Here at Masters Thunder Zone Karate, we strive to help our students achieve “personal victory” in Martial Arts and in life. It is not hard to understand why so many people train under the direction of award-winning Martial Art instructor Hanshi Lacy Green Jr. at the training facility in Lumberton, NC.

teen boy punching

Mixed Martial Arts fighter

Mixed Martial Arts

Practicing Mixed Martial Arts at Masters Thunder Zone Karate is a terrific way to get and stay in shape, sharpen focus, and develop self-defense skills to protect yourself and loved ones. The defined, practical concepts of our Martial Arts programs are appropriately-challenging for everyone from out-of-shape beginners to the fittest, most athletically-inclined advanced students. So many life-changing benefits can be achieved training in Mixed Martial Arts under the guidance of experienced, professional Mixed Martial Arts instructors teaching an industry-leading curriculum.

While enjoying the fun, convenient classes at our renowned Mixed Martial Arts training facility in Lumberton, NC, students learn their new-found skills have deep and widespread roots in such traditional disciplines as Taekwondo and Karate as well as more modern styles like Kickboxing and Krav Maga. Our instructors thoroughly learn the diverse skill sets firsthand, often ranking highly in competitions and winning various titles, before teaching them to our students. They are also well-trained in a variety of teaching methods so that students from all backgrounds and wavelengths can understand and enjoy their respective learning processes.

Training at Masters Thunder Zone Karate is a great way to jump start your journey into a healthier, more capable body for a better image and self-image. Mixed Martial Arts training delivers a whole body workout with an element of on-going challenge and education that keeps you inspired and making continual progress.

Our Martial Arts instructors pay close attention to all individuals in their classes, to ensure skills are properly learned and performed and to keep students safe while training together. Masters Thunder Zone Karate provides quality gear, training tools, and class formats to ensure students’ personal safety on the mats. The pace is appropriate for all levels as students are treated as individuals, with their own respective training goals and “Personal Victories” in the Martial Arts and in life.