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Go2Karate® Becomes one of the most visited martial art sites on the Internet. With an educational karate directory site a consumer can locate a martial arts school, find karate gear they are looking for, see the reviews of karate schools around the world and even leave a review for their favorite karate instructor and martial arts school.

Go2Karate® Uniting People With Martial Art Schools Around The World

Go2Karate® is a martial arts listing site that helps connect community members with martial art schools around the world. If you are looking for more information on karate schools, then our Dojo info will be the perfect fit to educate you on location the right dojo in your community. Go2Karate® is a one-stop resource that will help you tremendously to learn more about different martial arts styles and contact information about schools near you. It was developed by professional martial artists/instructors with over 30 years of experience. They saw the profound changes martial arts made in not only their lives but also in the lives of their students. Their goal is to take the guesswork out of choosing the right martial arts style and school for you.

From business owners seeking to connect with community members to offer their martial arts classes for pre-school children, adults, karate birthday parties, self defense classes, karate afterschool programs to our affiliated partners our site is the place to see it all. Our affiliated partners program passes special offers to both the consumer and business owners with karate products, consulting, and much more.

I am a business owner, how will Go2Karate® help me?

Business owners will benefit from having their school listed on the country’s largest martial arts marketing directory. Our website gets thousands of views per month, a few of those viewers can turn into students for you by having your school information listed in our directory. But don’t stop there, Go2Karate® offers martial arts websites, martial arts marketing packages and many more tools to help instructors and owners reach more potential students than ever before.

How do I use Go2Karate®?

Are you seeking a karate school? Our Dojo locator is the perfect tool to find a martial arts school that in your community. It’s very simple and easy. Go to the menu and choose the style(s) or zip code that interest you, select your state and city and you will be connected with a list of martial arts schools in or near your area. Feel free to browse around and find school owners who have claimed their listing for local community members to see what they offer as a martial art school. If you are looking for karate coupons this site has it all and they are easy to find.

Do I need previous experience to take karate?

Absolutely not! Beginners start martial arts everyday. Go2Karate is a Directory site with free listings of all karate schools that are in a public database. We will point out that we recommend viewing all martial schools of interest but really look at the schools who have taken the time to create their own local page on the Go2Karate martial arts directory site. We have schools on our website that offer all sorts of fun and informative classes for children and adults alike!

Did you find a local martial art school?

Great! Now we suggest giving them a call and schedule a time to go in and see the martial arts dojo meet the instructor and get to know them. You can make a decision once you meet with them and decide if they are the right fit for you and your family.

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Where you will find information and listings about different martial arts styles and academies near you. was developed to provide a “one-stop” resource for individuals looking for information on the empowering benefits of martial arts. This site was developed in 2010 and launched in 2011 as a way to help community member connect with martial art schools around the world. We have personally seen tremendous and life-changing results in countless students through martial arts in areas such as school, careers, socially, and personal relationships. Go2Karate® can provide listings of martial arts schools that have helped many people with personal empowerment such as self-confidence, greater health and fitness, goal-setting, commitment to achieving their goals and self-discipline.


Martial Arts for Kids

Karate Kids Teaching children to make a difference in the world
Karate Kids enhances character development skills such as respect, integrity, courtesy, self-confidence, self-esteem and respect for and friendship of others that develops naturally within social settings. Together with kids their own age, every child can grow with the self-confidence that the top martial arts programs karate schools offer.


Martial Arts for Women

Martial Arts for Women Empowering yourself and change your world
Women want a healthy way to stay fit that isn’t the same daily routine. Women are finding the martial arts classes exciting, fun and challenging. The physical nature of martial arts alone is both rewarding and encouraging to women of any age. They will also learn practical self-defense moves and techniques. Martial arts schools can help empower women with greater mental and physical confidence.


Martial Arts for Men

Martial Arts for Men Strengthening yourself mentally and physically
Men are learning real life and practical applications, as well as a way to de-stress from daily challenges. This allows them to gain self-confidence, get fit, tone and strengthen both body and mind. Martial arts and Karate schools help facilitate greater successes at their jobs and relationships, both professionally and personally.

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