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Our Star Ratings and Martial Arts Feedback Review system lets your customers, the public, family and friends share their feedback on your Martial Arts Business Page. Our system is designed to you’re your business grow. By increasing conversion rates with our Go2Karate engaging ratings and reviews system you will be able to drive more traffic to your website page on directory website.

Your Customer feedback greatly enhances the consumer decision making process and buying funnels to drive sales and decrease product and service returns and concerns. Go2Karate HELPS YOUR BUSINESS get valuable customer insights.

Our Go2Karate Customers are surprised how easy it is to GET satisfied customers TO SELL their products and services for them. Take advantage of social networking and word-of-mouth marketing to raise customer awareness and interest. The Go2Karate Martial Arts Feedback Ratings and Reviews supports, enhances and GETS both physical and digital products and services seen online.

1. Leave a Review
Visitors can leave a quality review for your business. Send them an email with your Martial Arts Feedback link and ask them to leave you a quality review.

2. Star System
Your business will get visitors and they can leave you a Go2Karate Star review that will show all of your visitors the quality of your product and service.

3. Voting Helpfulness
Voting helps be feel in control and lets them get heard. By letting them vote on the helpfulness of a review and star system that enhances the time on your page, shows search engines it’s a Fair Rating System and gets your business seen quicker.


A Few Of The Feature & Benefits

1. Go2Karate Dispute a Review at any time. Are you worried you might get a bad review? No worries you can dispute a negative or inappropriate review and Go2Karate will look into the concern immediately.

2. Go2Karate Review Notifications with our Instant Email Notification system, you will receive notice of a review.

3. Quality Customer Service at your finger tips. The Go2Karate Review system allows your client to leave reviews and you can respond to them directly via email, comment on the site page.

4. Abusive Word Filters will keep it clean on

5. Go2Karate User Dashboard allows you to see page views, edit listing, purchase a marketing punch page, utilize a book marketing system that allows you to track your competition or favorite listings, see your featured listing, review your reviews, get notifications, leads are emailed to you,

6. SEO (Go2Karate is Search Engine Optimized) customer ratings and reviews drive more traffic from major search engines, social sites, online marketing sites and more to your site.

7. Go2Karate Social Share, share your review socially or online and or in an email. Let everyone know what others are saying about you on over ONE HUNDRED sites online. Go2Karate will GET YOU SEEN in a positive light with the User Dashboard Share functions.

8. Upload Photos to your listing and give a quality “Keyword” title that search engines will show to their clients, those seeking YOU!


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• Search for your school and CLAIM YOUR Listing, set-up your business page and make sure your information is correct and then you will start getting leads once a form is completed by a visitor.

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Take the SECOND Step…Facbook Review

SHARE Your Page! Utilize the Martial Arts Feedback and Review system. Send your page URL/Link to all of your students asking for a review. Post your link on your social sites (Facebook) and ask your fellow martial artists, family and friends to give you a quality review.

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