I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to Go2KarateSites for building our Changing Lives Martial Arts marketing e-commerce site.

This ISN’T just a website its a marketing site that earns us NEW students daily. They have created an amazing system that placed our marketing pieces together for us.
From local searches to a quality built marketing site we now dominate the internet, in our communities. In addition they are managing all of our digital coupons such as Groupon, Living Social etc. These coupons never worked before on our own. I can truly see the benefit of Go2Karate.com connecting or as they call it, placing the puzzle pieces together 4 U. Over 3,000 Coupons sold and our marketing site is producing new students each day. We give every student a free uniform or Go2Karate® that every student loves. While they use it in town it send people to the Go2Karate® marketing site and they can find our marketing site or our offer on the Go2Karate® site.
I’m excited about what is being done for our Changing Lives Martial Arts school and am told we sold more coupons then any other school in the nation! THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU to Go2KarateSites.com!

Master Tracy Thomas November 20, 2018

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