Our experience with Go2KarateSites and Go2Karate.com has been great! Our enrollment has gone up, and our internet visibility has increased.

Months that would ordinarily be slow for our area have shown a significant increase in enrollment. We are really happy that we decided to go with Go2KarateSites. It has helped our business grow, and is certainly worth the investment.
In the past, we have shied away from spending money on marketing because it has never brought in enough to justify the expense. However, after hearing some of the success stories of Go2KarateSites from trusted associates, we decided to give it a try. Once the site got up and running, and we started following through with the suggestions of Go2KarateSites’ team of professionals, our enrollment jumped; we doubled the past month’s enrollment and exceeded our previous year’s enrollment for the same period. We knew then that this program could work. We are glad to make the investment every month and now we tell our associates about how this marketing program has worked for us.
I feel our marketing program is one of the best out because of Go2KarateSites’ Team!

Mr. Jason Dendy November 20, 2018

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