We are sitting at 82% right now

We are sitting at 82% right now

I’m getting better leads because website visitors can navigate through our site and see what they like. So it’s almost as if they are already sold and 80% of my inquiries are asking “how do I take advantage of this free week special” as opposed to just clicking on it and then nothing. They are literally asking what do I need to do in order to get started. Where before they would call you but you could tell they were just inquiries that would just say to you “well I don’t know anything about karate or what you guys have” and they would hang up. Now I just send them an email and they give me a call back for more information. Then we’ll get them registered for a free week. We get calls every day asking when is your next free week. So I would say that scheduling has been awesome. We are sitting at 82% right now for the people that are coming into the school from the website. So it’s huge!

Sr. Chief Master Daniel Longoria November 20, 2018

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