Phillip Minton

I first met Todd Droege when he was very young. He lived in the Covington, KY area that was in ATA Region 106. He was taking Taekwondo from Richard Hamilton who I believe was either a 4th or 5th Degree in Taekwondo at the time. Mr. Hamilton moved to the Atlanta, GA area as ATA Region 106 was developed.

I have watched Master Droege grow both in Taekwondo and the Protech Training Division. Master Droege later moved to the Atlanta area, starting a School and teaching for the Protech Training Division. He is a great teacher and communicator whether it be Taekwondo, Self Defense, or various Protech Weapons. He and his wife Susan designed and built a state-of-the-art Training Center. His latest venture, his Tactical Co., I’m sure is a big success. I have never seen him fail at anything that he decided to do. He is a great asset to the martial arts industry.