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Finally get the sales you need to grow your business with ease and achieve your goals with less stress. Download these helpful ebooks, templates, and watch and listen to videos and podcasts so you can convert more leads into customers.


Download the Go2 Karate free e-books to learn how to grow your business with sales tactics that actually work for Martial Arts School Owners.

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  • Stacking The Success

    The success of your business online isn’t just about building a quality website platform or marketing campaign it is all about stacking the success in a systematic order for higher profit margins.

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  • Your Personal SWOT

    Analyze your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to become aware of what you need to improve upon to get “your house” in order.

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  • Customer Lifetime Value Calculator

    The CLV Calculator shows you how to take the complex approach and make it a more comprehensive but straightforward process. This book offers a simple but very accurate way of analyzing your business.

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  • 7 Easy Steps To An Effective Marketing Story

    This workbook helps the user identify the seven steps needed to build a compelling marketing story. It will help guide you step by step by step and allow you to build a level of trust and rapport with your customer base.

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  • The Rev Marketing Map & Analysis

    This workbook is what every business owner and marketer needs to have a well-developed and well-documented strategy to assist in achieving their goals.

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  • Elements Of An Organic Marketing Strategy

    This Organic Marketing Strategy will help you identify and map out your specific objectives, actions needed, and your overall views to achieve your desired goals.

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  • Rev Marketing Assessment Checklist

    Shows you how to take a small piece of your time to honestly look at your website and analytics, answer some questions, and see where you and your site stand overall.

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Watch the Go2 Karate webinars and podcasts that will teach you the latest techniques to grow your business. See why so many of the top Martial Arts Academies and Karate Schools are utilizing these free tools.

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Sales Resources

Sales Resources


Go2 Karate has plenty of FREE Downloads and resources to help run your business more efficiently. We will be adding more each month and we also allow others to upload their files.

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  • Go2Karate Fast Start Guide

    Discover how to develop new leads to gain students. A step by step strategy for how to advertise and market to new prospects.

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  • Intro Steps For A New Student

    This guide is to be used during the first introduction meeting with a new student.

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  • Future Student Personal Analysis Worksheet

    This form will help you collect the personal information for new students during the registration process.

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