Phillip Minton

In the early nineties my wife and I got to know Master Clark a little better when attending his Business Seminars. He shared his business systems with ATA attendees at these early seminars. He literally changed the lives of many ATA and non ATA members. Introducing the Black Belt Club and the Masters’ Club with a 3 year commitment gave many Instructor’s, including myself a paradigm shift that was much needed in our industry. When you commit your students, you train more students, keep your students a longer period of time, and are able to change more lives. You are also able to give your students the training to learn the business systems and the opportunity to teach martial arts as their vocation while earning a substantial salary. I know he changed our lives. We were able to build a 7,200 sq. ft. facility to house our 250 plus students. We were able to travel the world, purchase a new home, all while doing something that we loved to do. Grandmaster Clark changed my life that afforded me more time to do what I feel I was born to do, to teach and study self defense. I will be forever grateful and thankful for him and his business systems. My wife and I have much love and respect for Grandmaster Bill Clark. Sometimes people don’t always understand what a caring person he is. I am proud to say he was our mentor and became our friend. Congratulations Grand Master Clark on your Outstanding Achievement Award and all you have done for our industry.
Grandmaster Phillip Minton & Ann Minton