Soke Shifu Derrick Whitlow

Congratulations and Continued Blessings Grandmaster Amanda Olson from the International Wu Clan Martial Arts Family and the United Martial Science Union as well! We all salute you for all that you have accomplished as a 9th Dan Master of the Martial Sciences! The Martial Arts Community has been blessed and Graced by the Sovereign Almighty to have you as one of the Accomplished Great Female Masters of the Many Martial Science Disciplines! Again, I and my Kung Fu along with my Karate Clans salute you! Greater things are yet to Come! Keep on keeping on as you demonstrate to Women of all Ages and Backgrounds that Martial Arts is no Respected of Persons! The Best is Yet to Come!

Soke Shifu Dr. Derrick P Whitlow I & Family
Whitlow’s Academy of Gung Tao & Martial Sciences
Huntsville Alabama