Stephen Westbrook

Competitors, training partners, and very important friends for over 45 years; Todd Droege has been a major aspect of my life both in and out of martial arts. We are two Kentucky Boys that persevered and attained the titles of Grand Master in GTMA. Todd has always been a natural technician in martials arts, and he showcased his abilities whenever and wherever he trained. These technical skills pale in comparison to his abilities as a leader. Todd has traveled all over the world helping school owners and martial arts instructors better themselves in Taekwondo skills and in their schools’ operations too. Grand Master Droege is leading the way for GTMA to be the best and fastest growing organization in the World.
His business has thrived through all these years with his wife, Susan, being a steadfast partner beside him. She has been instrumental in all the achievements and accomplishments throughout the years.
We call ourselves “brothers from another mother.” My life has been better for the friendship and the time we have spent together. There is no better person to deserve this Lifetime Achievement Award. I want to say congratulations to my friend, my brother, and a true martial artist. This comes with love from my heart to you and Susan. Thank you so much for all you have given to me and the World.
-Grand Master Stephen Westbrook-