Travis Tooke

Huge Congratulations Amanda Olson! I wanted to let you know that you have inspired my team to be better leaders and instructors both on and off the mat. I have had the great privilege to hear you speak, see you teach and witness you lead with passion. In fact, at an event a few years back, you were speaking with the parents at the black belt retreat. I sat down and took lots of notes. You demonstrated how parents ought to interact with and support their kids’ journey, how to be great “team members” within a family unit and you had us all explore the question, “what kind of adults do we want our kids to become?” I have since added these lessons to my academy’s instructor course and have made it a staple of what I teach to others. You did that! And I thank you for adding value to my team. I also recently had my first child, a son, this past March and these lessons will help guide me throughout my journey as a father. Thank you for being such a wonderful leader and congratulations on earning your 9th degree black belt!