Congratulations GGM Ernie Reyes

West Coast Martial Arts Association Black Belt Success System

To all my fellow Martial Artists,

We are proud to announce this month’s Go2 Karate Lifetime Achievement & Recognition Award. This individual is a Martial Arts icon, world renowned mentor, and industry leader that is passionate about helping others grow in the Martial Arts.

Great Grand Master (GGM) Ernie Reyes has been honored on national television as one of the Greatest Martial Artist Masters of the 20th Century.  He has also been inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame and has received Lifetime Achievement Awards from every major martial arts organization.  He was the national Tae Kwon Do Champion. All of the MA industry school owners have seen his amazing Demo Team. He is known worldwide for his world famous West Coast Demo Team and creator of creative musical forms. He has also done movies and television with his son Ernie Jr. If you were to ask him, he would tell you that his ultimate goal is to bring all different races, colors and creeds coming together in peace and harmony through his West Cost Martial Arts Association's Black Belt Success System. Please join me, the Go2 Karate Team, and the Recognition Award Board Members as we honor this one of a kind Great Grand Master. Please leave a Congratulatory Award message below.

Tracy Lee Thomas
8th Degree
Go2 Karate Recognition Board Member
Founder | Go2 Karate

Tracy Thomas

Manny Din



San Diego

It is with great Honor to congratulate GGM Ernie Reyes for his great contribution to the Martial Arts and to all the lives he has impacted for the greater good always striving to Master himself and those around him to me he is the G.O.A.T thank you for always asking us to better ourselves in all areas of our lives. Peace ,Love Honor and Respect stay Healthy and Strong For Life ,POM Manny

Sheree Wesely


West Coast Martial Arts Reno

Reno, NV

GGM Ernie, congratulations on receiving recognition for your amazing accomplishments in martial arts and life! You are a wise, caring, and talented and hard working role model for me and all the martial artists in our association and life. Thank you! God bless you!

Eddie Gabriel

4th degree Black Belt

West Coast World Martial Arts

Tracy, Ca.

Congratulations KJN Ernie from the Tracy team!

Fritz and Rosie Strehlow


West Coast Santa Clara

Santa Clara

We are honored to have this opportunity to offer our heartfelt congratulations on receiving the well-deserved Go2 Karate Lifetime Recognition Award. Your dedication and commitment has been an inspiration to so many, and your impact on the lives of thousands cannot be overstated. As a leader and mentor, you have created a lasting legacy. Your tireless efforts to promote the foundation and values of discipline, respect, and hard work have had a profound effect on Ricky, Parker, and Paul that they will forever carry with them. We are also so grateful that you overcame your bout with cancer and can carry on fulfilling your life's purpose. Your perseverance and strength are a testament to your character. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do, and may God bless you and your family.

Sherrie Kerswell

Program Director

West Coast Cambrian / Campbell

Rose Lodge Oregon

Congratulations Grand Master Ernie Reyes SIR ❤
Well Deserved!!
The Entire Kerswell Family is So So Proud of You and all of Your Well Deserved Accomplishments. You have always been a Grand Master in our eyes and we all have always Looked up to You. We all respect & Love You SIR ❤️
Much Love Sherrie & Mel Kerswell, BKJN Joshua Kerswell & BSN Nikole (Kerswell) Rodriguez

Narain Patel




Congratulations Master Ernie Reyes!!

Shivika Srivastava

2nd degree/BSBN

WC Fremont

Fremont, CA

Dear KJN Ernie,
Congratulations on the Lifetime Recognition Award! I am truly grateful to you for helping me push through tough times and develop the indomitable spirit. You are truly an incredible person and such an inspiration to me.
Thank you so much!,
Warm regards,
BSBN Shivika

Aaron Pallesen

4th Degree Black Belt

Hive Martial Arts

Minneapolis, MN

One of my favorites growing up! One of the reasons I fell in love with martial arts, and one of the reasons I wanted to sign up.

Congratulations Great Grandmaster Reyes. What can be said about a man who has dedicated his life to martial arts. He has made it his mission to not only to train others in martial arts, but to do it while impacting them in only the most positive of ways. He has been able to touch people with his martial arts in both his martial arts schools, but also through film. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, Great Grandmaster.

Denise Morin
5th degree
Go2 Karate Recognition Board Member
Go2 Karate Editor


Amanda Olson-Illescas

9th Degree Black Belt - Grand Master of Taekwondo

Olson's Martial Arts Academy

Johnson City, TN

Congratulations to a lifetime of dedication to the martial arts! You have been such an inspiration to students and instructors all over the world. Even though we've never met, I love watching you perform and your energy is contagious, even across the miles!

Tony Wallace

4th degree black belt Taekwondo

Kinetic Kick of New Albany

New Albany, Ms

Congratulations on your achievement.

Steve Del Castillo


Krav Maga Martial Arts

Tampa Fl

Congratulations sir! Thank you for your amazing contributions to the martial arts!

Ron Kuhn

6th Dan

Kuhn's Premier Martial Arts

Fort Wayne, IN

Congratulations Sir!

Bellah Rios

Little dragon brown belt

WCWMA Los banos

Los banos, Ca

Congratulations GGM Ernie, that is super cool. I can’t wait until I am older and can be like you someday.

David Culley

5th Degree Black Belt

WCWMA Santa Teresa

San Jose

Great Grand Master Reyes, I'm so glad that I have had the opportunity to learn from you since I began my first black belt training cycle in 1998. The lessons of pursuing mastery in every aspect of life have influenced not only my martial arts, but my friendships, my marriage, my work, and my faith. Now as I serve underprivileged communities along the western US through The Salvation Army, I take those many lessons and life skills with me and pass on the Martial Arts spirit that you taught me. Not only when I teach a low-income community martial arts class or women's self defense seminar, or train jiujitsu, but in every interaction with state officials or unhoused families. Thank you for your example and legasy.

David Burke


West Coast Santa Clara

Santa Clara, CA

GGM KJN Ernie,
Congratulations on this Lifetime Recognition Award. You have made a positive impact on thousands of lives around the world, including the lives of myself and my family. Thank you for helping us achieve our best selves. I look forward to every class you teach and all the lessons you share.
Sincerely, KJN David Burke.

Leah Zhang

Red/Black (WCWMA April Black Belt Candidate)

West Coast Campbell

San Jose, California

Congratulations to GGM KJN Ernie Reyes for winning an award of a lifetime! I must thank you for helping me open my eyes to live life to the fullest. Ever since I have been training with you on Saturday mornings, I have started to excel even more at school and other areas of my life. I am now training to reach my full potential for the black belt test. Keep winning, sir!

Of course, I and just about everyone on the planet has known about Ernie Reyes, Sr. from his demo team, from the movies, fight choreography, and of course martial arts. You can’t be in this industry and not admire and want to see what he (and his West Coast Team) is doing! If there’s a word for what I thought when “Ernie Reyes Sr.” came to mind it’s… Spectacular! THEN, I got the opportunity to do some training with him at one point in my career and happened find that he’s exactly what I expected – an amazing physical martial artist… but also, he surprised me in an even more positive way as a humble, down-to-earth and philosophical person who I now realized there was much more to learn from. Congratulations to a Spectacular Human Being!

Greg Moody
8th Degree
Go2 Karate Recognition Board Member
KarateBuilt Martial Arts


Shresta Keerti

Red Black Belt

West Coast Pleasanton

San Ramon CA

Congratulations on a well deserved recognition. I always look up to you.

Denice Challender Slater


West Coast Martial Arts Reno

Reno, NV


Edward Draper

MD, and Flight Surgeon, COL retired 101st Combat Aviation. Brigade

West Coast, Reno Nevada

Reno, Nevada

Dear Grandmaster Reyes and dear friend; congratulations on this honor. I have missed see and training with you. However, when the towers fell I knew I had to ante up and kick in. I joined the army and spent tours on Iraq, Afghanistan and Tunisia.
You and Tony are the best and will always be dear friends.
Doc Draper

Kim & Lou Anne Yee

Kim is 7th dan, Lou Anne is 6th dan

Karate West

Fort Collins, CO

Congratulations, Master Reyes! You deserve all the accolades bestowed on you! Thanks for being such a leader in martial arts in the USA.

David Lopez

Red belt

Pursuit of mastery utah

Salt Lake City

I'm very grateful to find a great school

Joseph Alarcon

Advance Dragon(Blue belt)

West coast Berryessa

San Jose

Congratulation! Such a great accomplishment. You are definitely a great role model… Joseph Alarcon & Family

Asia George


West Jordan, Utah

West Jordan, UT

Congratulations sir! I'm sure you will cherish this achievement for many years to come. Thank you for all of the effort and patience you put into your teaching and training.

Joey Perry

7th degree KJN


Jonesboro, Arkansas

Always proud of you and to be a part of your legacy. Congratulations and thank you for being an amazing inspiration for us all as well as a Leader among leaders. Thank you for your passion, knowledge and love sir, always. - Joey Perry

I’ve been honored to consider Ernie Reyes, Sr. a friend since the 1970’s.  He and his partner Tony Thompson, in the West Coast World Martial Arts Association are truly a joy to the soul.  I rarely think of another human being in those terms but, truly there’s no one who brightens my life (and that of everyone he encounters) nor is there anyone that I would trust more.

Regardless of his endless awards, magazine covers, and endless accomplishments that’s not the reason that I believe him to deserve this award.  It’s the incredible, truly life-changing impact that he and instructors that he’s directly developed have had through the educational organization West Coast World Martial Arts  founded over 45 years ago.   He’s been endlessly encouraging.  He’s led by example more than any other living martial artist that I can think of and, I’m proud to call him a friend and associate.

Stephen Oliver
9th Degree Black Belt
Go2 Karate Recognition Board Member
Founder Mile High Karate and Martial Arts Wealth Mastery

Stephen Oliver

Mohana/Srinivasa/Lahari/Agastyaram Lanka

Black belt 1 degree & black belt

Ernie Rey’s West cost Santa Clara

Santa Clara, California

We wish you congratulations on your great achievement. We salute you! Your tremendous hard work has earned you this success. We’re so lucky to have you as our Great Leader in our kids.

David Hughes

Rank: 9th dan; Title: Kwan Jang Nim

Ernie Reyes’ World Martial Arts-Gallatin, TN

Currently Gallatin, TN (born and raised in Milpitas, CA

GGM Reyes.
It’s great to see yet another branch of our industry recognize the accomplishments and contributions that you have made to the martial arts as a whole. You obviously have impacted and empowered my life as you have all your students, but you are one of the rare individuals that have done so for the entire martial arts community.

Natalee Sanders

1st Degree (2nd Candidate)

Santa Teresa

San Jose CA

Great job sir! Thanks for teaching all of us! You deserve it! Pump it up! Fire it up! Level up! West Coast World Martial Arts Team! A-Sah!

Arjun Kanashetti


West coast santa clara

Santa Clara, California

Congratulations Great Master, wishing you more success..

Drew Moore


WCWMA Austin

Austin, TX

Congratulations GGM KJN on another deserved accolade! I know you will keep leading. I will try to follow knowing that I am treading the path to Mastery in your footsteps.

Efraín Sevilla

Professor 1st degree

Combat Base

Lawndale CA

Congratulations sir. You continue to inspire.

Shifu Derrick P Whitlow I

8th Degree Black Sash

Whitlow's Academy of Wu Gung Tao

Huntsville Alabama

Greetings and Congratulations GGM Ernie Reyes!

We appreciate your many accomplishments and the great achievements that your Martial journey has afforded you! Continued to "Keep On Keep-In On"! Continual Blessings and Congratulations Again! [From (Soke Shifu Dr. Derrick P Whitlow I) the International Wu Clan & Supreme Grandmaster James V Debrow III's Fighting Tigers along with the Shabazz Karate Institute]

Miriam Livermore,california

Congratulations Great Grand Master Reyes! Very few martial arts in this world begin training and transcend beyond limits. I was introduced to you through your World Martial Arts Action Team and always aspired to better myself as a martial artist when seeing your team in action. Your life and legacy has stood for peace and harmony. You were a visionary in film choreography when special effects were in its infancy. Incredible work, Incredible life, and Incredible legacy. You deserve to be honored sir.

Laurie Peterson
6th Degree
Go2 Karate Recognition Board Member
Senior Counsel

Laurie Hunter Peterson

Miriam Livermore,california

Eric Trinidad

Kwan Jang Nim

Ernie Reyes’ West Coast Martial Arts

Diamond Bar, CA

It is my absolute pleasure to extend my warmest congratulations to you on receiving the Karate Lifetime Achievement Award! This is a truly remarkable accomplishment that reflects your outstanding contributions to the martial arts over the course of your career.

Your dedication, passion, and skill have been an inspiration to so many in the karate community, and it is an honor to see you recognized in such a meaningful way. You have truly left a lasting impact on the sport, and your legacy will continue to inspire future generations of karate practitioners.

I am personally in awe of your achievements and humbled to be associated with such a distinguished karateka. Your hard work and unwavering commitment to excellence have set an example for us all.

Once again, congratulations on this incredible honor. You have earned it and deserve every bit of recognition that comes with it.

William Roth

Congrats GGM Reyes!

Mike Hagen



Congratulations GGM Reyes. Your tireless devotion to the Martial Arts and your students is to be commended.

Gary Merlo


El Dorado Hills

El Dorado Hills CA

GGM KJN congratulations sir you are amazing. One more incredible recognition for your lifetime journey to POM. Love you much sir thank you for being an incredible leader for me and our organization.

Payam Bagheri

Payam bagheri


Los Gatos

Congratulations Master Reyes
On this achievement. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done in the martial arts and in life. I know I can speak for others as well that we would not be where we are, if it was not for you on the West Coast organization, thank you so much Grandmaster Ernie Reyes.

Joey Febres

8th Degree

West Coast Martial Arts Rocklin

Rocklin, CA

Congratulations KJN! Your contribution to the martial arts world has been tremendous, but none greater than the one you continue to have on each of us as students! With all our love and respect! Joey & Diane

RJ Davis

Old Campbell studio

San Jose ca

Congratulations GGM Ernie. This is well deserved. From the Davis family

KJN Gloria Story

5th degree/KJN

Ernie Reyes West Coast Martial Arts

Santa Clara

It is with great Honor to call you my GGM. You have taught us to rise up and level up of what we have learn from all your teachings. GGM Reyes you have the biggest heart and always show unconditional love to everyone. Having you as one of the founders of our WCWMA association, you have brought us positive energy to everyone in our association.
GGM Reyes, without having this great WCWMA association, no telling how I would be physically, mentally and spiritually. When I was down because of obstacles of what I was going through, you called me and help me on being by my side and be the Rock you would say, “hold myself up in order to do what I need to do for myself and my family”.
You are an inspiration to us all.
I like to say, it is a great Honor to be one of your student, instructors, and staff member. One Team! One Family! One Spirit and One Love! SPOM!!
Love KJN Gloria – SC

Amiya Red/Black Belt

Fremont, CA

Dear Great Grand Master Kwanjangnim Ernie Reyes, congratulations on this well- deserved honor. You are a true inspiration!

Carla KJN

San Jose CA

Congratulations GGM Ernie on another amazing accomplishment 🥳🎉🎊🍾🎈




Aiko Teramura

2nd degree black belt candidate

Fremont, Ca.

Congratulations! Master Ernie Reyes!! We are so happy and proud!!! 🎉👊

Amanda Manly

2nd degree black belt tkd

Richland Washington

Huge congrats sir! Definitely well deserved! Been following you for years and it’s honor to see what you have accomplished in the Martial Arts world!

Steve Smith



Sunnyvale, CA

Congratulations KJN!

Sydney Tisdale

Green Belt

Ernie Reyes WC Santa Clara

Santa Clara Ca

Congratulations GGM Ernie for another successful and blessings! May you always be in good health and prosperity. May all of the students you have taught will continue to empower you as much as you empower us! God bless you and your family always and forever 🙏

Hamid Latif

Santa Clara,CA

Billions of Congratulations Grand Master

Prasad Bodas



Newark, ca

Congratulations on your achievement sir. Well deserved.

Delfino Candia

Master Candia

America's Best Karate

El Paso, TX


Daria Maslova

White belt


Sunnyvale, CA

Thank you for the inspiration to start my karate journey in 37, after observing my daughter for two years. Grateful to have WCSCMA in my life.
Live long and prosper! Best wishes!