Grandmaster Droege

Congratulations Grand Master Todd Droege

To all my fellow Martial Artists,

January is here and we are VERY proud to announce this month’s award. The award goes to Grand Master Todd Droege, the Founder of Tactical Martial Arts in Marietta, Georgia. He began his Martial Arts journey, specifically TKD, at nine years old while living in Northern KY. He earned his 1st-degree black belt in 1977 and became a National Champion and three-time world champion in sparring. He was among the youngest Master’s inducted into the ATA Hall of Fame. Grand Master has traveled throughout the World, from Portugal to the Netherlands, South Africa, South America, and across the United States. He has participated in and instructed three videos that were internationally sold through Judo Fanatics in Dynamic Striking.

In October of 2020 Grand Master Droege aa Founding Member in Global Traditional Martial Arts as he started a new path and very successful venture. He received his 9th degree in 2021 and the title of Grand Master in July of 2022. He was featured on the cover of TKD Times in July 2022 and as a featured article.

Grand Master began instruction in Krav Maga in 2001 and has been honored to teach for the DOD, Tier 1 SWAT teams, and other police agencies in this particular Martial Art. He had a firearms training company for approximately 20 years in which he taught active shooter response and personal protection in addition to all other aspects of firearm’s training. He and his wife, Susan a Veteran, own and operate one of the largest martial arts schools in the country. They built one of the most beautiful Martial Arts buildings in 2001 and have had a school since 1994—currently Grand Master Droege is 2nd in the command structure of one of the fastest growing Martial Arts organizations in the world called GTMA under Grand Master G K Lee.

I am respectfully requesting that our fellow Martial Artists join hands in a “Congratulatory Message”, honoring him on this lifetime achievement as a Grand Master. We are proud to call him the well-earned title of Grand Master and will be presenting him with the Go2Karate Recognition Award in February.

Tracy Lee Thomas
Founder | Go2 Karate
8th Degree

Tracy Thomas

Thomas Bass

4th Degree Black Belt/Chief Instructor (owner)

Prime Defense Martial Arts Academy LLC.

Cornelius, North Carolina

Congratulations Sir! You are a true example of Perseverance, Focus and Goal Setting in the Martial Arts community.

Ken Reynolds

8th degree black belt

All Star Martial Arts

North Little Rock, Arkansas

Congratulations Grandmaster Droege! Your leadership and knowledge of martial arts is an excellent footprint for us to follow. GTMA proud, and well deserved sir.

Aaron and Auston Silva

4th Degree Black Belts

Karate America/ Warrior Martial Arts

Miami/Ft. Lauderdale

Congratulations to our Uncle Grand Master Todd Droege! Thank you for all our great memories together! We are so proud to see you receive this title and milestone. We love you!

Ginger Camp

Student Krav Maga Camo belt

Tactical Martial Arts

Dallas Georgia

Thank you Todd for being a great leader and an amazing instructor. We are all very proud of you and your accomplishments and we are all very thankful for you. Congratulations.

Chuck Vertolli

7th Dan / Owner

Yi's Karate of Vineland

Vineland, NJ

Congratulations Grand Master Droege

Russell Cowley

3rd degree Blackbelt

Blackbelt Familhy Center


Congratulations GM Droege a well deserved award sir.

Christina Frederick

4th Degree Black Belt

Frederick’s ATA Black Belt Academy

Helena, MT

Congratulations Sir, on this great accomplishment. Thank you for your positive influence and guidance in my training. You were a huge part in my success as a martial artist.

Lisa Fallin

Camo Belt

Tactical Martial Arts

Marietta, Georgia

Grand Master Droege; congratulations! Thank you for the last 17 amazing years! Our three children have developed into the respectful, talented and caring people they are greatly as a result of their participation at Droege’s TMA. Being a part of this community has been a total honor, since it is such a positive environment.

I have known Grand Master Droege for over 20 years, he is a man of many talents not only in the martial arts, but in many areas of life. The way he can communicate with all of his students to get an idea across to them is not only insightful but caring, and creative all at the same time. Grand Master Droege, CONGRATULATIONS on all that you’ve accomplished!

Denise Morin
5th degree

Rudy Longoria

5th Degree Black Belt Master Apprentice

Longoria’s Tactical Martial Arts

Lincoln, Nebraska

Congratulations Uncle Todd!! So proud of you and all of the hard work you have done and continue to do each and every day. Love you, Grandmaster Droege.

Jim Richard

Senior Master

Savannah's Black Belt Academy

Savannah Georgia

Congratulations to Grand Master Droege for this well deserved honor and recognition. It's nearly forty years of competing with you, being your training partner at many camps and seminars. Learning under your tutelage at so many seminars. You always went out of your way to motivate me to improve and make me feel my contributions were appreciated. You've always put others ahead of yourself and lead by example. Much of my success as a instructor/school owner is attributed to your example and guidance. Thank you sir for your friendship and again congratulations on this well deserved achievement. Well done sir!

Traci McCranie

4th degree/school owner

McCranie Martial Arts

Semmes, Al

Congratulations Sir!!
Well deserved!!

David Feldman

8th Degree Black Belt

Perry Taekwondo, Perry, GA (former owner/instructor)


Grand Master Droege: Congratulations on the Lifetime Achievement Award! You are truly deserving of such an honor, and you continue to be an inspiration to so many martial artists!

Phillip Minton

9th Degree Black Belt, Grand Master Nominee, ATA

Minton's ATA Black Belt Leadership Academy

Terre Haute, IN

I first met Todd Droege when he was very young. He lived in the Covington, KY area that was in ATA Region 106. He was taking Taekwondo from Richard Hamilton who I believe was either a 4th or 5th Degree in Taekwondo at the time. Mr. Hamilton moved to the Atlanta, GA area as ATA Region 106 was developed.

I have watched Master Droege grow both in Taekwondo and the Protech Training Division. Master Droege later moved to the Atlanta area, starting a School and teaching for the Protech Training Division. He is a great teacher and communicator whether it be Taekwondo, Self Defense, or various Protech Weapons. He and his wife Susan designed and built a state-of-the-art Training Center. His latest venture, his Tactical Co., I'm sure is a big success. I have never seen him fail at anything that he decided to do. He is a great asset to the martial arts industry.

Grayson Miller

Recommended Brown Belt

Tactical Martial Arts

Smyrna, Georgia

Way to go! You are awesome, so proud of you!!

Greg Arcemont

8th degree black belt TKD

Integrated Martial Arts


Congratulations on your achievement! You have been an inspiration to myself as well as many other students. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us.

Amanda Summers

Executive Director of Human Resources

Lee College

Baytown, TX

Congratulations on this amazing achievement! I’m so happy to see you being recognized. You’ve done a great job providing training and advice to our team. We appreciate all you’ve done for us. You’re awesome!

I've known Grand Master Todd Droege for 30+ years and it's easy to say that he's one of the best instructors, practitioners, and people of character in martial arts. He's helped me personally become a better instructor just by watching him teach and by taking classes from him. Frankly, he's simply brilliant at communicating ideas and getting the essential, important and critical across to students. Congraatulations and "WELL DESERVED" to Grand Master Droege!

Greg Moody
KarateBuilt Martial Arts
Chief Master

Tim Bramblett

5th degree and school owner

Impact Martial Arts

Missoula Montana

Way to go! I have based so much of my martial arts philosophy from you and wish you the best as from all of us in Montana, Grand Master Droege!!!!

Stephen Westbrook

Grand Master

Empower Martial Arts

Tallahassee, Florida

Competitors, training partners, and very important friends for over 45 years; Todd Droege has been a major aspect of my life both in and out of martial arts. We are two Kentucky Boys that persevered and attained the titles of Grand Master in GTMA. Todd has always been a natural technician in martials arts, and he showcased his abilities whenever and wherever he trained. These technical skills pale in comparison to his abilities as a leader. Todd has traveled all over the world helping school owners and martial arts instructors better themselves in Taekwondo skills and in their schools’ operations too. Grand Master Droege is leading the way for GTMA to be the best and fastest growing organization in the World.
His business has thrived through all these years with his wife, Susan, being a steadfast partner beside him. She has been instrumental in all the achievements and accomplishments throughout the years.
We call ourselves “brothers from another mother.” My life has been better for the friendship and the time we have spent together. There is no better person to deserve this Lifetime Achievement Award. I want to say congratulations to my friend, my brother, and a true martial artist. This comes with love from my heart to you and Susan. Thank you so much for all you have given to me and the World.
-Grand Master Stephen Westbrook-

Grand Master Clark

9th Degree/Grand Master

Karate America/Warrior Martial Arts

Jacksonville, FL

Master Droege, what a pleasure it has been watching you all of these years. I was there when you tested at Master Hamilton's school for your Black Belt. It was obvious from the start that you would do great things.

Over the last 40 years, we have trained together many times. It's always great to have your enthusiasm in the class when I was teaching.

I can't express how gratifying it was to watch you train for your Mastership and then to watch you go through the Masters Ceremony. I was so proud of you even though you weren't my direct student.

Now what a leader you have become. Not only in martial arts, but in all areas of your life. Congratulations on your promotion to Grand Master. I can't imagine anyone who deserves it more than you.

Keep doing GREAT things!

Logan Mossor

2nd Degree Black Belt

Tactical Martial Arts

Acworth Georgia

Congratulations on your many well earned achievements! Thank you for all you taught me, I am so grateful to have been one of your students. You have helped so many grow, learn, and find themselves through martial arts.

Kraig Glazier


No school

Helena, MT

It is truly a pleasure to have met you, Todd! You have the heart of a teacher. Your passion is contagious. May you continue on for many years to come. Congrats!!

Kevin Bautista

4th degree

Bautista’s Martial Arts

Moultrie GA

Congratulations sir

Patrick Matthews

8th Dan/Kyoshi

American Kobudo Ryu Association

Galloway, New Jersey

I'd like to Congratulate you Sir on your well deserving award.

Darin Prazer

7th Degree Sr. Master

Built By Martial Arts

Evans, GA

Grandmaster Droege, our family is so very proud of you and your amazing accomplishment sir!

We have admired you as a martial artist for many years and more so over the last 17 years since we became school owners.

Learning from you, training with you both in martial arts and in firearms, and seeing how you want the best for everybody has been great to witness over the years.

To see you as a devoted husband to Susan and both of your teamwork is exemplary. We appreciate your support, during both trying times and successes for our family, your leadership, and your friendship sir.

May God continue to bless you for many years to come!


Darin & Gena Prazer
7th & 6th Degrees

Khue Tran


Tactical Martial Arts

Marietta, GA

Congratulations Master Droege! It’s been a while since you’ve last seen me, so I’m glad you are doing well and are being recognized for all that you’ve done, and still do. Congrats again, very well-deserved.

Thu Tran


Tactical Martial Arts

Atlanta, GA

Congratulations Master Droege!

Christopher Herring Parrish

1st degree Black Belt

Tactical Martial Arts

Powder Springs, Georgia


Dr. Virgil Davis

8th dan

Davis Karate Studio

Covington, KY

Congratulations Grandmaster Todd. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and leadership over the years. You and I go way back to the Hamilton, Trimble ATA days in Newport back in the 70s. I admired you then and that admiration has only grown over the years. Keep shining your light warrior. Ous!

Aahni Blanks

Purple Belt


Marietta Ga

Good job and congratulations I want to be a black belt one day.

Michael Brown

Senior Master

Leadership Martial Arts & Krav Maga

Fayetteville, NC

Grand Master Droege! Congratulations sir on this lifetime achievement. This is such a well deserved honor! Thank you sir for all you have done for me and my students through the years with your instruction and guidance. I count myself lucky to to be able to both continue to learn from you but to call you friend. I wish you and your beautiful wife all the best and congratulations once again on this new title!

Michael Scott

3 degree


Marietta ga

Congratulations sir your always reaching higher and higher very awsome and as awsome leader that you are always striving and serving as a extraordinary example job well done

Sarah Poirier

1st Degree Black Belt

Tactical Martial Arts

Lithia Springs, Georgia

Congratulations sir! It is an honor to train as one of your students and become a part of your TMA family. The journey continues!

Sarah Poirier

1st Degree Black Belt

Tactical Martial Arts

Lithia Springs, Georgia

Congratulations sir! It is an honor to train as one of your students and become a part of your TMA family. The journey continues!

Timothy Battle

Parent of III TIMOTHY BATTLE rank Purple belt


Dallas Georgia

Congratulations Grand Master Todd Droege on receiving the Go2 Karate Lifetime Recognition Award. A testament to your dedication and hard. We're proud of you.

Diana Oldham

4th Degree Black Belt

Helena ATA

Helena, MT

Well deserved honor, Sir. Congratulations

Tom Quake

Purple Belt BJJ

Henderson's Martial Arts

Atascocita, TX

Big congratulations on your award, Sir!

Stacy Quake

Blue Belt/TKD Mom

Henderson's Martial Arts

Atascocita, TX

Congratulations Grand Master Droege! I am so happy to see you get this honor! Thank you for all you do for the sport of TKD and the GTMA organization as a vital part of its leadership team. It is much appreciated!

Cole Quake

3rd degree black belt

Henderson's Martial Arts

Atascocita, TX

Well deserved, Sir! Congratulations! You are an inspiring role model and great instructor. I always look forward to learning from you and seeing you at the tournaments/training camps. Your leadership is appreciated!

Kimber Quake

2nd degree black belt

Henderson's Martial Arts

Atascocita, TX

Congratulations Sir! This is a well deserved award. You are a great role model for all of us and such a kind leader. I enjoy seeing you at all the tournaments and the training camps you put on for us!

Janelle Gabriel

Black Belt, Krav Maga

Tactical Martial Arts

Powder Springs, GA

Congratulations Grand Master Droege. One might think that because you are so accomplished in martial arts that you would be intimidating to work with. And while your accomplishment to Grand Master is amazing, you are one of the most supportive and down to earth people that I know. You’re patient but at the same time you push people to what you know they are capable of. You have also taken my daughter under your wing, giving her the basics of rifle and hand gun skills, on your own time, knowing she seeks to attend a service academy. I am always thankful for the things I am learning from you. And, no matter what kind of day you’re having, it’s always better after a Krav Maga class.

Sawyer Carr

1st Degree Black Belt

Tactical Martial Arts

Powder Springs Georgia

Congratulations for the award sir. I am honored to have been taught by you.

Michelle Terrell

Purple belt Krav

Tactical Martial Arts

Cumming, GA

Congratulations, GM!!! I’m so grateful for the day God brought you into my life. Your vast knowledge and skill in ALL areas of self defense have changed my life for GOOD! Thank you for inspiring me and countless others to be aware, be safe and protect our irreplaceables. You truly are irreplaceable!

Susan Droege

MSgt USAFR retired

Tactical Martial Arts

Kennesaw GA

How to congratulate this man who has been my partner for 33 years. I've been blessed to be on this journey with him thru thick and thin. We've built a life together thru shared respect and passion for TKD. He has had to make some tough decisions thru the years but he's met them with integrity and I'm so proud to call him my husband. 9th degree black belt, Grand Master Todd Droege

Mark Treccia

3rd Degree Black Belt


Powder Springs, GA

Congratulations sir, this is definitely a well-deserved honor, and it has a privilege for my girls and I to be under your leadership. It has been a great experience to learn from a truly skilled and amazing master of martial arts.

Sergio Von Schmeling


Victory Martial Arts

Orlando, Florida

Congratulations Grand Master Droegue, you are a fantastic role model!


5th Degree Black Belt, Master Apprentice

Savannah Black Belt Academy (Sr. Master Jim Richard)

Savannah, GA

Well deserved recognition for a man who has done, and continue to do, so much to educate, empower, and inspires others.

Josh Masterson

5th Degree Black Belt, School Owner, Retired Detective and Law Enforcement Instructor

Dynamic Defense of KY

Georgetown, KY

I want to say congratulations to my instructor and friend Grand Master Todd Droege for this recognition. To say he deserves it is an understatement, he is an unbelievable martial artist and instructor but even more is one of the best men I have ever met. He has been a mentor to me for the last several years and someone that I have the utmost respect for in every aspect. So again congratulations GM Droege for this well deserved recognition!

Elena Frederick

5th degree 21 yr school owner

Frederick’s ATA Black Belt Academy

Helena, MT

Congratulations Grand Master Droege. What an honor to have trained in martial arts and tactical skills with you. Mostly, what an honor to have you as our friend. Happy to see you are being recognized for what you give to so many. Well earned sir.

Milena English

White belt

Tactical Marshal arts

Austell, GA

Congratulations on all your hard work, you’ve earned this Sir.

Bailey (Kendrick) Paris

4th Degree

Integrate Martial Arts with Chief Master Arcemont

Tifton, GA

Congratulations Grand Master Droege! I am so grateful for you and your incredible leadership over the years. Thanks for all that you do for the good of others.

Kali Arcemont

2nd Degree Black Belt

Intergrated Martial Arts

Kennesaw, GA

Congratulations Grand Master Droege!

Josh Collins

3° Black Belt

Tactical Martial Arts

Marietta, GA

Congratulations on this recognition sir, so well deserved! You've had an incredible impact on my life from my personal development as well as being a lifelong mentor for my wife and now son. Thank you sir and congratulations to both you and Mrs. Droege!

Shelly Zohbon

4th degree blackbelt

Victory4him TKD

Byron, GA

My team and I have trained with you at various times for years, and seen your dedication, talent, and sacrifices. Well deserved for a great leader- from our school to you and yours sir, Congratulations!!

Kayla Roper

2nd degree black belt

Tactical martial arts


Congrats! You are an amazing teacher and this is well deserved!!

Alexander Lammers




You are the man!

Toni Longoria

Third Degree Black Belt

Longoria’s TAC Martial Arts

Lincoln, Nebraska

Congratulations Uncle Todd!!! So proud of everything you and the Master’s Council have accomplished the last few years. Your students & tkd family are so fortunate to have you help lead the way. Miss you (and Susan!) so much! Hope to see you & celebrate again soon!! ❤️

Michael Baird

8th Dan

Tampa Bay Tang Soo Do Center

Tampa, Fl

Dear Grand Master Todd Droege, I just wanted to personally congratulate you Sir on this huge accomplishment Sir. We both know that very few individuals that follow our path will ever reach this rank in their lifetime. Your commitment, passion for the arts & teaching, and yes, intestinal fortitude got you to this point. Once again, Congratulations Sir. Well deserved.

Jonathan Chapovsky

5th degree

Inspiration martial arts

Atlanta, GA

CONGRATULATIONS to a man with a vision for an amazing world of martial arts that meets personal leadership and safety! You are such an amazing leader in our community and we are so honored to learn from you every day! Congratulations Grand Master!


7 Degree Black Belt Senior Master

Champions Martial Arts

Las Vegas, NV

You have worked so incredibly hard over time to achieve so much in your life. You are a true inspiration to all through your martial arts, integrity, honesty, strength and leadership. I am honored with the privilege of following you along this journey. Many congrats to you, Grand Master Droege.

Patrick Legarreta

3rd Degree Black Belt

Tactical Martial Arts

Marietta, GA

Congratulations sir! It has been an incredible honor to be able to grow up in this school and cultivate my knowledge. I have experienced so many things in this family and I can truly say it left a lasting mark on my life.

Dwayne Flees

4th Degree Black Belt

KarateBuilt Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Master Droege Congratulations sir! It has truly been an Honor and a pleasure to work with you over the years. The training you have provided to improve students in the martial arts and in the safe use and instruction of firearms has benefited countless numbers. I look forward to your continued inspiration and our next training session on the mat or on the range!

Aristede Dukes

Senior Master Instructor

Success Now Martial Arts

Westmont, IL

Congratulations sir! You once remarked that I had been to more of your seminars than you have. It is because of the quality of your instruction. Always so practical and relatable, truly a Grandmaster instructor!!!

Ryan Miller

6th Degree Master

Apex Martial Arts

Omaha, Nebraska

Congratulations Grand Master Droege! Thank you for all you do for GTMA students and all martial artists.

Aaron Sailors


Omaha Traditional Martial Arts

Omaha, NE

Congratulations Sir. Very well deserved.

Noeu Chan

7th Degree Black Belt Sr. Master Instructor

iXL Martial Arts

Overland Park, KS

Congrats to the one and only Grand Master Todd Droege! Your journey in the martial arts is truly remarkable and has inspired so many. From your early beginnings as a young black belt to your recent recognition as a Grand Master, you have shown unwavering dedication and passion for the art. Your impact on the martial arts community extends far beyond your personal achievements, and we are grateful for your contributions to Krav Maga instruction and firearms training. You are a shining example of what it means to be a leader in the martial arts world, and we are honored to follow your lead as one of the founding members of GTMA. I have a hard time thinking of anyone more deserving of the Go2Karate Recognition Award! #MartialArts #GrandMaster #Inspiring

Jason McCranie

7th Degree BB, Sr Master

Legacy Martial Arts

Adel, Ga

Congratulations to Grand Master Droege on a Journey well traveled! I’ve been fortunate to grow up in his region and began learning from him in 1985. His Passion and Knowledge, led by respect for others shines bright as a gifted teacher. Everyone that has trained with GM Droege walks away a better martial artist and motivated to carry on their journey.

Jerry Driscoll

6th degree BB/Master Intructor

TAC Martial Arts of Marietta, GA

Acworth, GA

I have had the privilege to be under your guidance for a few decades and under your direct Instruction for a few years, you have never guided me wrong Sir. The best way I know to describe you Sir is to say that you are the living embodiment of the meaning behind Eternal Grand Master H. I. Lee’s “Candle and Soap” story, you constantly give of yourself to help others! Any award that you get is Richly deserved! Thank you Sir for allowing me to be a part of your life, your passion and your school!

Micah Stoddard


Stoddard's Jikkai-ryu

Milton, PA

Congratulations on your recent promotion!

Jeff Remster


Seven Star Martial Arts

Round rock, Texas


Mark Shirley

6th Degree Black Belt/Master

Global Traditional Martial Arts, Omaha, NE

Omaha, NE

A well deserved award for a world class martial artist who gives of himself in so many ways. Your accomplishments are legend. Your history is well noted. Your mentorship and expertise are second to none. It is a privilege to call you Grand Master. Pam and I are honored to call you our friend

Evan Troup

3rd degree

Tactical Martial Arts

Marietta GA

Congratulations sir! It is an honor to be one of your students and to have worked for you these past years. Your devotion to martial arts has inspired my own passion and pursuit towards a career of teaching and sharing my love of Taekwondo with others.

Pati Longoria

School Owner/Instructor/Manager/3rd degree black belt

Longoria’ Tactical Martial Arts

Lincoln NE

I met GM Droege about 30 years ago at one of my first Taekwondo events, a National Tournament in Las Vegas. He’s a best friend to my husband and shortly after that Todd and Susan became my good friends/family! He became an uncle to our kids and always makes us laugh! He is very deserving of the this honor and I’m very proud to be part of his life.

Dwayne Dendy

8th Degree Chief Master instructor

Master Dendy’s Martial Arts

Denham Springs, LA

Congratulations Sir well deserved you have always been a great martial artist and leader!

Brad Bezoni

5th Degree Black Belt - Master

Fighting Dragon Tae Kwon Do

Houston, TX

Congratulations on your accomplishments and achievements! You continue to forge a path that others can only hope to follow!

John Street

K yoshi/ 9th Dan

Streets Martial Arts Academy

Elizabethton, Tennessee

Congratulations on another milestone in your journey.

Ron Knueppel

Grand Master

Chung's Tae Kwon Do Institute

Palmer, AK

Congratulations on your accomplishment Sir!

Michael Brown

Senior Master

Leadership Martial Arts & Krav Maga


Hello and Congratulations on your new title sir! Thank you for all you have done personally for me and my family sir. I use everyday some of the things you have taught me. You are certainly a Master in every sense of the word sir!

Daniel Longoria

9th BB Grand Master

Longoria’s tactical martial arts

Lincoln Nebraska

Congratulations on a well deserved recognition. GM Droege is an incredible instructor not only in Taekwondo but also and expert in TAC Krav Maga and his specialty as a firearms instructor!

Gerald Dunn

Ch Master Apprentice

Karate 4 Excellence

Poughkeepsie, NY

Congrartulations! The award is well deserved.

Rick Whitehead

8th Degree Black Belt, Chief Master Instructor

Whitehead's Martial Arts

Kaukauna, WI

I have known Grand Master Todd Droege for a very long time, and I have trained with him, not only in the martial arts, but also in Firearms training, and he is by far one of the most knowlegable Instructors in the field. He knows how to present his material with passion, and is very concerned with how his students progress. I consider him a friend of mine, and I know how hard he works. He is the true definition of what a Grand Master should be. Congratulations to you my friend, and continued success.

Victor King

Master King 6 degree

King’s ATA Celebrity Martial Arts


Sir congratulations on becoming a Grand Master! Your old friend Master King

Rick Pope

8th Degree Grandmaster

Pope's Martial Arts Academy

Cleveland, TN

I want to congratulate you on your 9th Degree Sir! You may not remember me, but I drove from Chattanooga to Atlanta, twice a week to train with you. Received my 2nd Degree and Trainee Instructor with you in the ATA. This was back in 1987.

Dan Gurganus


Villa Rica GA

Congratulations to one of the finest people I know. You deserve it !!

Harrison Schreiner

Bozeman MT

Congratulations Todd!

Scott O.


Congratulations Todd, on your well-deserved success! You're dedication and diligence has been an inspiration to us all. Well done buddy!

Kimberly Goff

Atlanta, GA

Congratulations Grand Master Droege! Well done!

Laurie Peterson

6th Degree Master

Little Rock, Arkansas

Congratulations sir! It's been an honor and privilege to train with you throughout the years.

Bonnie Raines

Decided brown belt

Tactical Martial Arts

Marietta, GA

Congratulations, sir! We are so proud of you and thankful to not only be your students, but part of your TMA family.

Rick Abair

8th degree/ Chief Master

Allen, TX

My Brother, congratulations. We traveled the globe together helping others to realize their goals. Now we celebrate one of yours. Well deserved Grand Master! Love ya!

Joshus Raines

Decided red belt

Tactical Martial Arts

Marietta, Ga

Congratulations, sir! We are so proud of you!

Everett Atwater

Atlanta, GA

Todd, congratulations on all you have completed in your career. You have been a wealth of knowledge for my family, and we all appreciate your hard work.

J Bushey

6th Degree Master Instructor - AMAI


Congratulations Grand Master Droege!

Jodie Lineaweaver


Helena ATA

Helena, MT

Congratulations Grand Master Droege!

Matthew Kilgo


Kennesaw, Georgia

You know him as Grand Master Droege: my family has always known him as "Coach Todd." Doesn't matter if it's on the ballfield, at the range (where he's taught my entire family to safely and responsibly use firearms) or in the gym, Todd gives 100% to every person he comes in contact with. He is a positive and compassionate coach, friend, and influence, and we have all been gifted beyond measure to know him. Congrats, Coach Todd!

Reina LaCombe




Congratulations Todd! In giving we receive. Your skills and talent have been shared with many. May you continue to be blessed to share your knowledge & skills with others.

Patricia Harmon, CPA

Marietta, GA

Congratulations Grand Master Droege! It has been an honor to watch your journey for the last 30+ years. I am proud of all you have accomplished. It has been a privilege to work with you and Susan. I look forward to seeing what is next!

Mark Bailey

Villa Rica, GA

Congratulations, Grand Master Droege! Quite an accomplishment!

Kathy Lee

9th Degree Black Belt


Little Rock AR

Congratulations!!! I am so proud of all of your accomplishments and happy to be by your side watching you excel! You are an inspiration to everyone you meet! We love you!

Sue Garstki

Krav Maga Illinois

Chicago, Illinois

Congratulations on your outstanding accomplishment.

Jim Krieger

Marietta, Georgia

Congratulations grand master Todd. I have learned so much from you from all the firearms training classes you allowed me to attend. You are a great teacher, and I appreciate you so much.

Holly Hill

Woodstock GA

Congratulations Todd Droege! You have an impressive career and your dedication is honorable and inspiring. Thanks for all you do for the lives around you as an important instructor and life influencer.

Kathy Remick

Morgan Vermont

Congratulations. Didn’t know I once lived amongst a Grand Master!! Your lifetime achievements are impressive and deserved.

Carlie W

Marietta GA

Grand Master Todd (and Susan) have built so much more than a school - they’ve built the most amazing community where students of any age, and their families, can learn and thrive. You rarely see someone who gives so much of themselves to make those around them better people, but Todd truly does just that. Whether it’s fostering the proper environment for young children to grow confidence in themselves via martial arts, or ensuring women are equipped with the tools required to keep themselves safe, or providing the space for likeminded individuals to humble themselves in a new discipline - Todd does it all.

Patricia Wisdom

Powder Springs

Congratulations Master Droege on your Go 2 Karate Lifetime Recognition Award. It is a well deserved honor after your years of dedication to the martial arts.

Douglas Goins

Blue belt

Newport Ky ATA

Cold Spring Ky

I too was amazed by your ability at such an early age & believe you had younger brother take karate also. Rick Hamilton kicked me out karate school so I missed out & missed my karate friends journey up the ranks. God bless you Todd & your fam

Joe McKersie

7th degree/Senior Master Instructor


Cave Creek, AZ


Cindy Rainwater


Congratulations, Sir! Most Deserved!

Lindsey Raines

Decided red belt

Tactical martial arts

Marietta, Ga

Way to go, sir!

Jeff Johnson

Assistant hunting partner

School of hog slaying

Acworth Georgia

Congrats on the promotion, Grand Master Groggy!
Great achievement!

Johnny Morris


Atlanta Ga

Congratulations Todd! I’ve known Todd for a few years as a neighbor & friend. He’s simply awesome & fun to be around. I always enjoy a conversation when we get a chance.

Ryan Hill

Kennesaw, GA

Congrats Todd! You’ve worked so hard and it shows!

Tami Grimm

Kennesaw GA

Congratulations! Very well deserved.

Knox smith



Powder Springs Ga

Congratulations Sir!

JC Tranquille

Student/ Friend


Cobb County, Ga

Congratulations brother on your promotion. Your commitment to your community can not be measured and your work ethic is unmatched. You’ve done more for me and the people I care about than you would ever know.

JC Tranquille

Pam Preston

Marietta, GA

Congratulations on all of your accomplishments and keep driving forward!

Yvonne Hill



Congratulations Todd!!! Thank you for always being attentive to my safety!

Laurie Leggett

2nd Degree

Was with Randy Riggs

Acworth, Georgia

Congratulations! Grand Master Droege on this amazing award. They sure have made the right choice. You have devoted your life and love to the sport and the people you have trained. Thank you for being such an amazing example to us all.

Kevin Henderson


Grandmaster Droege, you are a true inspiration! Thank you for all the years of instruction, mentorship and friendship. I’m honored and blessed to know you. Congratulations Sir!!

Delfino Candia

Master Candia

America's Best Karate

El Paso TX


Melissa Culver

Buchanan Georgia

Congratulations sir! You have made such a difference in so many people’s lives. You have earned and deserve it. Well done.

Nils Bastedo

6th Dan

Bangkok, Lund, and Kilmarnock

Dear Sir Congratulations on this award. Saying that it is well-deserved seems entirely superfluous as anyone who has ever trained with you knows what an incredible martial artist you are. I wish you well, Sir.

Glenn Melson

Blackbelt Krav Maga

Tactical Martial Arts

Powder Springs, Georgia

Congratulations just doesn’t seem big enough to fit all your accomplishments. You sir deserve all the accolades. As your friend, student and an instructor in your school I could not be more impressed with or happy to see you get the recognition you deserve and have earned. I can’t wait to see where you go from here.

Leah Middendorf



Dallas, GA

Congratulations, Sir!

Mike Fennell

planet fitness

Congratulations to a great guy and friend.

Brett Gossett

Cartersville, Ga

We’ll deserved!! You are a true leader and Sensei. Thank you for all you do and the difference you have made in my life!

Troy Auman

Senior Master

Evolution Training Center

Manhattan, KS

Congratulations sir. You have always been such an inspiration for me. You truly give your best to everyone and make everyone feel welcome and appreciated. Thank you.

Neiki Zabala

Parent of student

Tactical Martial Arts

Atlanta, GA

Congratulations on an extraordinary accomplishment!
We appreciate you!

Lacey Kelley (Sutton)



Congratulations Grand Master Droege! It has been an honor learning from you, knowing you, and having my children learn from you as well. What a great example you are for your students and community. Well deserved! We are so proud of you!

Scott Hill



Kennesaw GA

Way to go! Congrates!!!

Jonah Norman

Sparhard Martial Arts Academy

Millersburg, Oh

I can’t think of a more deserving person! You have been a great example of a leader and martial artist to me for many years sir!

Annabel Bennett


Acworth Georgia

You are an inspiration and someone I admire everyday! Congratulations, no one deserves this more than you! Thank you for being the best teacher ever!

Jonathan Raines

Decided brown belt taekwondo

Tactical material arts

Marietta, Georgia

Congratulations, Grand master! My family and I are thankful to be your students in both taekwondo and Krav Maga and also to be part of your TMA family.

Greg Lott

Kennesaw, Georgia

Impressive achievement. Congratulations Todd!

Patience Fulton

Manager, Tactical Martial Arts

Tactical Martial Arts

Buchanan, GA

I have been blessed to be a part of the Droege`s lives since 2004. Grand Master Droege has been one of the biggest positive influences and role models in my life since the beginning.He is one of the most humble yet hardest working indivduals I have ever known. He has taught me that hard work and perseverance always pays off but to always remain kind and humble. These are lessons that I will always carry with me for the rest of my life and will forever be thankful for Grand Master and Mrs. Droege.

Congratulations sir on such a huge accomplishment, I cannot think of a more deserving person!

Marlene Sutton

3rd degree black belt

Douglasville, Georgia

Sir, congratulations on all of your achievements and now the Go2karate Lifetime Recognition Award, It has been such an honor to have trained with you, and to see your progress through out the years,and I look forward to seeing what else you accomplish - you set a great example to your students.

Thomas Wilson

Dallas, GA

Congratulations Grand Master Droege! It has been many years since I trained under you. But the values that you instilled in us helped me get to where I am today. Thank you

larry frano

planet fitness

congratulations on your achievements

LaToya Fleming

Purple belt taekwondo, camel belt cross McGraw


Powdersprings, GA

Congratulations! You have accomplished a lot, and I am sure you have a lot more to go. Thank you for taking my children under your wing and making them strive to achieve all that you know that they can. Well deserved!

Michelle Glassburner

Mustang, Oklahoma

Congratulations Grand Master Droege!

Amanda Illescas

Grand Master - 9th Degree

Olson's Martial Arts Academy

Johnson City, TN

What a privilege to have known you throughout your martial arts career! Congratulations on all of your success. It is the reward of dedication and passion about what you do!

Andy Tokars


Congratulations Todd for your dedication and hard work!

Gary Frederick

Helena Montana

He stands behind what he says

Brianna Wyant

5th degree black belt

Little Rock, AR

Congratulations, sir!!! You are such an inspiration to myself and so many others. Thank you for your leadership and wisdom!

Andrew Heyn

Kennesaw, GA

Congratulations Grand Master. I’ve learned so much from you over the years. I consider you a friend and mentor.

Garrett Droege


Acworth Ga

Congratulations Uncle Todd. All the hard work payed off!

John Robertson


Nottingham martialarts academy and life skills school


Well done and well done sir

RIck Ham

Atlanta, GA

Congratulations Todd!! The honor is incredibly well deserved. During the 20 years that I have had the honor of knowing Todd, he has been an inspiration - selflessly sharing his knowledge, challenging me to set and meet goals, and changing my approach to personal safety and protection. His unique teaching style, coupled with his wealth of knowledge in a wide breadth of topics has only served to enrich my experiences and knowledge. Grand Master Todd - my deepest congratulations on this honor!!

Joanna Hall

Tustin, CA

Congratulations Todd!! Awesome job

Richard Hamilton

6th Degree Master

Georiga / Florida

Sir, congratulations. It has been many moons since you walked into my Karate School in Kentucky. I think you were about 12 years old that time. I am so proud of you and what you have become. You are a true spirit to the martial arts, and everyone around you. I am so glad that I was able to be a small part of your life. You are truly a grandmaster. Stay strong. Master Hamilton

Steve Meredith

2nd Degree Black Belt

Helena ATA, Formally known as Fredericks Martial Arts

Helena, Montana

Congratulations Grand Master Droege!
Loved working your seminars in Montana. Come up again some time!

Randy Riggs

Retired 4th degree

Droege’s martial arts

Marietta ga

This incredible man tied my white belt on me in 1983. This is the day where my life changed. Not only is he a great instructor but an amazing person. There is not enough space here to type about him. But Thank you Sir for being you. And being a good friend for so many years!!

Twister Fulton

Buchanan GA

Way to go sir, congratulations on such an awesome achievement!

Stacey and Jack Kisner



Sir, we owe our lives to you. Thank you for being the best instructor on the planet and for all the knowledge and time you have poured into us and all of your students. You are not only an awesome martial artist and instructor. Thank you for everything. ❤️

Madalyn Mason

5th degree

Mason’s High Octane Martial Arts

Covington, TN

Congratulations Grand Master Droege on this award! Georgia and GTMA are blessed to have you.

Matt Fulton


Congratulations Sir!

Marilyn Sanchez

Powder Springs, Ga

Congratulations on this journey!

Bryan Harrell

You've always been an inspiration to me! Well deserved, and congratulations, Sir!

Tallahassee Flordia

You've always been an inspiration to me! Well deserved, and congratulations, Sir!

Eric Thomas

Chief Master

Cave Creek Black Belt Academy

Cave Creek, Arizona

Congratulations, Sir. Your dedication is an inspiration to all.

Kayanna Broughton

Austell Georgia

Congratulations! Thank you so much for continuing to share your art with others. We appreciate all you do!

Marlee Robinson

Orange belt

Tactical Training Academy



Adam Hygema

Powder Springs, ga


Charles Johnson

Planet Fitness

best wishes to a good friend! -Charlie

Cynthia “Cindy” Hall

3rd Degree Black Belt

Empower Martial Arts

Wichita, Kansas

Congratulations Sir!

Nick Miller

3rd Degree Black Belt

Tactical Martial Arts

Smyrna, Georgia

I have had honor of being a student of Grand Master Droege for 9 years. The passion he has for teaching martial arts and encouraging personal growth is inspiring. One of the most meaningful experiences to me was when I was in high school. I was giving a speech on 'how to break boards' for my speech class. GM Droege came all the way out to my school to join me as a special guest for my speech. His interest in my success meant the world to me. I am so excited for GM Droege and his achievement... he is a hero and a rock star to me!

Lisa Harris



Marietta GA

Absolutely amazing. Thank you for being a source of inspiration to many. Congratulations

Robert Stephens

Athens Georgia

Congratulations Grand Master Droege! Your talent and commitment to martial arts has been inspiring. You’re also one of the hardest working people I’ve known, so this is well deserved and no surprise. I’m proud to know you!

Debbie Silva

Karate America/ Warrior Martial Arts

Miami/Ft. Lauderdale

This is definitely a long overdue, well deserved recognition! I have kmown Grand Master Todd Droege for over 30 years... He was considered brother of our beloved Late Sr. Master Andy Silva. My twin boys referred to him as Uncle Master Droege. ❤️ In summary, Grand Master Todd Droege is the most helping hand I know with the biggest heart of them all!!! He has helped my boys from the time they were in my "double-wide" stroller along with Aunt Susie get through the isles of tournaments! Throughout all the Leadership Seminars and camps, he was right there hands on passing on all the knowledge. His passion did not go unnoticed. Everyone loves and respects him dearly across the Globe! One of my great memories shared with him was our yearly wings eating contest! YES I won everytime as I cleaned the bones! In addition to being the highly respected Martial Arts icon, he is remarkable person with the biggest heart in willing to help anyone and everyone! Honored and proud of all his accomplishments!

Chris & Leslie Anderson

Rec Brown Belt (8yr old son)


Marietta, GA

Many congratulations to you Grand Master Droege! It's been an honor training at your dojo!

G Heller



everyday its we that get the award by him being around to help us

Destin Kelley

Austell Ga

Congratulations Grand Master Droege! It has been a honor for me and the family to learn from the best and participate in your classes. You are not only a great teacher but you are a great roll model for these kids, showing them that if you stick to what you love and try hard you can reach goals that most can't. Being a Grand Master is a job well done. Congratulations sir! You deserve it!

Katelyn Treccia

3rd degree black belt


Powder springs Georgia

Congratulations we are all very proud to know that always achieve so much

Michael Sabens


Congratulations sir. You are pillar to our community and a friend to many. I have known Mr Droege a long time and he is a humble professional that will not hesitate to give you the shirt off his back when needed. Thank you for your level of instruction and mentorship. Makes people believe and better!

Delfino Candia

America's Best Karate Center Inc

El Paso TX


Kerri Troup

Marietta, GA

Congratulations Grand Master Droege! Your leadership and passion for Martial Arts has made a lasting impact on my son that I will be forever grateful for.

Michael Register

Director of GBI


Atlanta Georgia

Grand Master Drogee

It has been an honor to call you a friend for many years. You have been an inspiration for many. I want to thank you for the friendship you’ve given me, and for your commitment to the martial arts, the community, and law enforcement. You have had a tremendous impact upon all who have known you. You are a true humble “warrior”.

Joel Preston

Black belt - Krav Maga

Tactical Martial Arts

Marietta, GA

I have known and been training with GM Droege going on nine years now and he is one of the kindest and most generous people that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Unless you were training with him, you would never know the levels of his expertise and knowledge because of his incredible humility. As a retired SWAT officer with 30 years of experience, I have had the good fortune to receive training and instruction from personnel at the highest levels of law enforcement and tier one military units. I can honestly say that GM Droege’s instruction methods and attention to detail are on-par with those elite instructors. His concern for the welfare and safety of law enforcement and the training that he provides continues to make a profound impact in our community. Congratulations to GM Droege for attaining his prestigious position and new title. And congratulations to Todd and his wife, Susan, for what they have built as a team and for the positive impact that they continue to make in the lives of countless others.

Mark Webb

Sixth Degree Black Belt

Performance Martial Arts Academy

Valdosta, Georgia

Grandmaster Droege is one of the best instructors I've ever had a chance to train from.

Marilyn & Michael Niblock

9th Degree GM & 9th Degree AGM

Niblock’s Global Traditional Martial Arts

Round Rock, Texas

Congratulations on receiving this Recognition Award. It is a testament to your lifetime of dedication to the martial arts and helping all of us live up to our potential. You are an inspiration and you always go above and beyond. We are so honored to be a part of your journey and to call you Grand Master and our friend!

Terri Bisher

Tracy’s sister


Congratulations Grand Master Todd Droege!

Tim Droege

Acworth Ga

Way to go big bro. Keep on kickin’

Todd Morris

Powder Springs GA

Congratulations Sir! I may not have been a regular student but I enjoyed working with you “back in the day”. I learned a lot about managing and running a business at a young age with you and this provided a great foundation to build on. What an amazing accomplishment!

Bob Ryan


Helena Montana

Very nicely done, Todd.

Gloria Downey



Kennesaw, GA

Congratulations on your hard earned accomplishment! You are an inspiration to everyone who knows you!

Taylor Watts

Kennesaw, GA

Congratulations, sir! So well-deserved! You have touched so many lives and constantly exemplify what it means to be a compassionate person. So happy for you!

Eric Grimm

Kennesaw ga

Congratulations Todd!

Ron Kuhn

6th Dan

Kuhn's Premier Martial Arts Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne, IN

Congratulations Sir!

Sam Williamson

Tactical Martial Arts

Marietta GA

Great job Grand Master Droege! Very well deserved.

Brandy Murphy



Canton, Georgia

Congratulations Grand Master Droege! We are so incredibly proud of you! Your leadership over the years is so appreciated and there's no one that deserves this accomplishment more!

Myra Pollit


Congratulations, Grand Master Todd Droege!! Well Deserved after many, many years of hard work & dedication!!

Terry Parsons




Congratulations Todd!
Jim and I are very proud of you!

Gail Arcemont

Acworth, GA

This is so deserving to a man who has taken the role of Uncle to my daughter. After knowing him for 30 years now I can verify he is one of the best people I have ever known. We all love you Uncle Todd!

Grand Master Stephen Del Castillo

Grand Master Stephen J. Del Castillo

Krav Maga Martial Arts

Tampa, FL

Congratulations sir!

Robin Mende



Woodstock GA

Congratulations, on your success and your continued dedication to your profession.

Rhonda Jacobson

Marietta, Georgia

Congratulations Grand Master Todd Droege! It has been an honor to have witnessed all of your accomplishments and the impact you’ve made in the community over the almost three decades we have known you. We appreciate your sincere interest is our safety both at home and work. You are an amazing instructor with a plethora of tactical knowledge. Most of all, we are thankful for the friendship we will treasure forever. Rhonda & Mark Jacobson

Don Hall

3rd degree black belt


Tustin CA

Congratulations Todd, not a surprise at all.

Dineshbabu Kolavennu

Tactical Martial Arts, Marietta

Marietta, GA

Congratulations Grand Master. Well deserved recognition

Louise Ruthven


Pretoria South Africa

It is an honour to know you and to be counted as your friend, your hard work and diligence, in GTA is admirable. Congratulations, Grand Master Droege.

Nena Rojas

Marietta, Ga

Congratulations Master Droege, for your amazing accomplishments. You are a roll model for my three boys that are learning karate. Hope you keep achieving everything you set to mind.

Ashley Inglese

Tactical Martial Arts

Atlanta, GA

Huge congrats, Master Droege!! This is so well deserved! You’ve worked so hard and been an amazing role model to the many students and parents who walk through your doors.

Kristina Cohen

Camo Belt

Atlanta, Georgia

Having Todd as our Armorist and Stunt Coordinator on set of my short film was so beyond epic and I treasure having the opportunity to train with him. So many wonderful moments to list! Todd and Susan make everything they touch so special. He’s a dream coach and I feel so lucky and proud to call him my friend! CONGRATULATIONS TODD! We are so so sooo proud of your accomplishments!

Vernon Terrell

Cumming, GA

What an incredible achievement Grand Master Droege! I appreciate the skill and humility you demonstrate. Thanks for all you do!

Ande Stephens

Bishop, GA

Congratulations, Todd! You are awesome, and we’re so proud of you!!!

Wanda Droege

Acworth, GA

Congratulations! So proud of you!


5th Degree BB

Honolulu, HI

Bravo GM Droege. Well deserved!

Andrea McGill


Tactical Martial Arts

Marietta, Ga.


Blake Mauldin

1st Degree

Mableton, Georgia

Congratulations, Grand Master, on this prestigious recognition. After so many years, from the location beside Kmart to a premier school, teaching important values and virtues to families and building a legacy in thousands of students…it has been earned many times over. No technique will take the place of your superior spin hook kick, in my heart. I’ve been filled with with pride, every time someone has seen my execution and told me they knew who my master was. Thank you, Sir

Bryan Harrell

4° Blackbelt

Empower Martial Arts

Tallahassee, FL

We'll deserved - Congratulations, sir!

Hudson Droege

Acworth Georgia

“Do you know who my uncle is??”Congrats Uncle Todd! Can’t wait to see how much more is to come from your hard work.

Arin St Cyr

Manhattan, MT

Congratulations Todd! You are an amazing instructor like no other!! Great job on your lifetime achievement!

John Robertson

Sifu. 5th dan

Nottingham Martial Arts Academy Life Skills School


Congratulations sir may u gain more knowledge

Nathalie Bolduc

7th Degree Sr. Master

Peak Martial Arts

Enterprise Alabama

Congratulations Grand Master Droege. You are such an incredible inspiration to all who have trained under your leadership. Thank you so much for all you do to increase our knowledge in martial arts and to empower all of us in our journey. Nobody deserves this honor more then you. Again congratulations. Well deserved.

Lisa McAbee

Parent of 3rd degree

Kennesaw, Ga

Super proud of of you sir, your legacy lives within every student their entire lives. Because of your dedication to your students and love of martial arts- they all live out what you teach. Proud my son has lessons to teach, that you taught him.

Andria Hertel



Cartersville, ga

Congratulations from the whole HOTWORX Acworth staff! We are all so excited for you!

Lenny Demers

Hunshi 8th dan

Kenpo Academy

Derry N.H.

Congratulations Sir Well done!

Aaron Lay

Dallas Georgia

Congratulations Todd you’re a great man and I appreciate your time and effort in all aspects of your life

Bethany Tays

Marietta, Ga

Over the many years you and Susan have been a part of our family, I've seen your dedication and how you've been a wonderful role model to so many. This a well deserved honor. Congratulations!

Christine Daniel

Powder Springs, Georgia

Congratulations Chief Master Droege although I cannot truly say that I am surprised! You have always been a go getter & a hard worker with high standards! My two sons will always remember the lessons of discipline and self control learned in your studio! Keep up the dedication, hard work and AWESOMENESS!

Randy Pollitt


Congratulations, Grand Master Droege! I know it took a lot of hard days and long nights to get you where you are today. Again, Congratulations!

Kim Beatty

Winnett, Montana

Congratulations Grand Master Droege! What an impressive lifetime achievement, and well deserved award. I have enjoyed being one of your students and am blessed to call you and Susan friends.

Sandy Arcuri

4th degree

Main Street Martial Arts

Corinth, Texas

Congratulations, Sir!!

Mark Bell

3rd Degree Chief Instructor/Owner

Dublin ATA Martial Arts

Dublin Ga.

Congratulations Sir! You are an Inspiration to us all!

john Lay


smyrna, ga.


Debbie Jose

Helena, MT

Congratulations Grandmaster Droege! What an incredible list of accomplishments! It is an honor to know you and to have been a part of your legacy. Montana ATA’s and many people are better because of you! Best of luck to you always. Bob and Debbie Jose

Tracey Atwater

Atlanta, GA

Congrats Todd!! You have worked so hard and deserve this honor. You have the kindest heart to always help those around you. Thank you for all you do! You are AMAZING!!

Rocky Middendorf

Dallas, Ga

Congratulations Grand Master Todd Droege!!! Thank you for being an awesome instructor and an amazing friend. You have a true servants heart which makes you an incredible leader! Thank you for living your life as an example for others to live by!

Geoff Hill



Seattle washington

Congratulations! You’re the man. The one and only grand master

Robert McGill

1st Degree Black Belt

Tactical Martial Arts

Marietta, Ga.


Anthony Winegar

Generic Dude

Atlanta Ga

Congratulations to the quintessential warrior in the garden. Todd has the spirit and strength of a lion with the kindest and most giving spirit of anyone that I know. In short, he can mess you up 10 ways to Sunday but only uses his powers for good! So happy for you my friend.

adam smith

Black 1st degree


Powder Springs Ga

Congratulations GM Droege

Cindi Watts

Kennesaw, ga

From teaching my children ATA 25 years ago to being your neighbor for the last 22, it is my honor to know you and watch your accomplishments all these years! Truly one of the finest men I know!

Marty Callahan

8th Dan

Shotokan Karate Leadership School

Santa Rosa, CA

Congratulations, Grand Master Droegen