The Power of Connecting with Celebrities in Your Community: A Remarkable Marketing Strategy


In today’s highly competitive business landscape, finding innovative and effective marketing strategies is crucial for success. One popular strategy is connecting with local celebrities. By leveraging their influence, businesses can tap into new markets, increase brand visibility, and foster strong relationships with the community.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

When a local celebrity aligns with your business, their endorsement brings significant attention and visibility to your brand. Their presence in advertisements, social media posts, and public appearances can capture the interest of their fan base, leading to increased awareness of you and your mission. This exposure can create a buzz around your business, reaching a broader audience that may have previously been unaware of your services. Through this association, you gain instant credibility and visibility, setting you apart from competitors.
This is a lesson I learned a few years ago from Grand Master Stephen Oliver at one of his marketing seminars for Martial Arts Wealth and Mastery. He suggested that to set your business apart from others like yours, you should align with local celebrities in your community to increase visibility and to set yourself up as an expert/authority in your field. After that seminar, I went straight back to my city and decided to do just that. I devised a plan on the plane ride home who I would call, what I would say, what I wanted to do, and how I would do it. Strangely enough, it all happened as I’d planned, with a few bonus surprises along the way.

Here’s How I Did It – You Can Too

My column and book series, Ask Master Mom, was just taking shape. Even though it wasn’t perfect or complete, I called my local TV station and pitched an idea. (Ready-Fire-Aim is a great book to read, by the way) I wanted to answer the questions I get from parents and families on the local talk show and give my perspective and advice on the questions live each week. They loved the idea, and the following week I was sitting on the set in my uniform, giving advice about building confidence in kids. The episodes each week were then blasted out on social media and emailed along with the transcript to all past and present leads, former members, and members. It worked. I was on a weekly talk show, talking about what I wanted to talk about, promoting my business and my books.
Amanda Olson on set with guest                         Amanda onTV

Expanded Reach and New Markets

Connecting with a local celebrity provides access to their loyal following, opening up new markets for your business. Celebrities often have a substantial social media presence, boasting thousands or even millions of followers. By collaborating with them, you can tap into their fan base and introduce your products or services to a whole new demographic. This expanded reach allows you to target specific audiences that align with your brand values, ultimately increasing the chances of converting them into loyal customers.
By connecting with celebrities, new doors opened. Having a book, a strong social media presence, a successful business, and increased visibility certainly helped my business grow. Professionals and teachers began to see Olson’s Martial Arts Academy as so much more than just another karate dojo. We were now very unique. Set apart from the rest.

Authenticity, Trust, and Free Publicity

A celebrity’s endorsement brings authenticity and trust to your business or product. When a respected local figure supports your business, their followers perceive it as a genuine endorsement rather than a traditional advertisement. This association builds trust among consumers who value the celebrity’s opinions and choices. By establishing this authenticity, your brand can create long-lasting connections with customers, fostering loyalty and repeat business. Consumers are more likely to trust and invest in a brand that has earned the endorsement of someone they admire and respect within their community.
By working so closely with people in the media and the community, it is easy for people to call on me when they have a topic they believe my opinion or perspective will be a welcome addition to their story. I am now a trusted voice in the community. I have received so much free publicity since starting; it’s truly amazing. From newsprint to magazine articles, speaking to groups, tv, and radio.
Amanda Olson teaching

Sure, Good for You, but What About Me?

I’ve heard that from many. I could never do live TV. You don’t have to. Maybe your celebrity connection is on radio or a local columnist or newspaper. Maybe you would feel more comfortable with a taped show. And don’t get stuck on parenting advice. That’s me. My voice. Ask yourself what you have to offer. All of us, martial arts instructors, know how to help build confidence, teach self-defense, stay healthy, prevent bullying, and a myriad of other areas you have knowledge in. You can find a way. Even if you don’t have a book, reach out to RevMarketing and Go2Karate and get one published. They will help you each step of the way. And don’t wait to start until you get a book. Just let your audience know you are writing a book, and you’ll let everyone know as soon as it’s available. It holds just as much authority as having completed one. And, by telling people you are writing one, you are more likely to actually do it!
It’s been a lot of fun having people come into the academy wanting to meet Master Mom. That’s become my new name here, and I have fully embraced it. Even adult students call me Master Mom, and not in a joking way but in an endearing way. I hear parents tell their kids, “Go ask Master Mom.” The academy has truly changed and grown with the extra community outreach, the increased positive publicity, and the excitement people have about being part of a place that everyone knows is the best martial arts academy in the area.
In the realm of marketing, connecting with celebrities in your community can be a game-changer for businesses. The enhanced brand visibility, expanded reach, and access to new markets will give your business a competitive edge. I’ve experienced it firsthand! The authenticity and trust that come with a positive celebrity endorsement will create a positive perception of your brand, fostering long-term customer relationships. You will reach people in your community you may have never have otherwise been in front of. And, even if they never decided to train at your school, you will be the first name that comes up when someone else mentions they were thinking about getting the kids into martial arts classes.
That’s what we all want and need in our businesses, right? Referrals from people you’ve never met based on a strong positive image and reputation in the community. My encouragement and challenge, if you will, is: What step can you take today to make connecting with a celebrity happen for you? The hardest part is simply getting started. After you take that first initial step, the rest just starts happening! Best of Luck!
Written by:    Master Mom – Amanda Olson-Illescas