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Dwayne Flees

Chief Instructor Dwayne Flees


Grand Rapids, MI

Great company to work with!

Dwayne Flees

Samples of work that Go2Karate has done for KarateBuilt Grand Rapids

Brand Identity Design

The Go2 Karate Brand Team help managed Mr. and Mrs. Flees brand for one of their newest business defense ventures. As always, we start off with a thorough and in depth brand discovery call so that the appropriate research and development may be integrating into their brand, logo and mark that would tell their business model and its story. Dwayne Flees is also part of KarateBuilt headquartered out of Arizona in which we also developed their online platform and footprint. Mr. Flees as a Veteran is very mission driven and that shows with all of his business models as him and his wife excel within the Martial Arts industry.

Lead Generating Website

When it came to developing a mission oriented website the Go2 Karate Development Team built an mission minded marketing website platform that was developed to be deployed with specific targeted objectives. The Go2 Karate Team is extremely proud and honored to work with the Flees in the Martial Arts industry. The KarateBuilt branch in Grands Rapids is an exceptional training facility that utilizes a Go2Karate.com lead generation marketing platform.


When it comes to Marketing, KarateBuilt in Grand Rapids, Michigan understands the importance of well-built marketing website platform that works well with a professionally mapped out marketing roadmap to 10x their business model growth factors. From paid per click, to all levels of organic marketing, press releases, online digital pieces, videos, content and so much more…
Today, KarateBuilt has a fully established brand, online presence, lead generation machine that works 24/7 day after day and a business model that isn’t just sustainable it is Karate School that is in the top Martial Arts Schools in the nation. We are proud of their accomplishments and look forward to new growth factors over the next few years.