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Greg Moody

Greg Moody

KarateBuilt Martial Arts

Phoenix, AZ

I was one of the original Rev Marketing and Go2Karate clients and I have never looked back!
It’s helped grow my schools for years and I recommend the professional and capable team for your website because it got me seen all over the internet. I recommend them for marketing programs because they’ve driven tons of traffic and quality leads into my businesses!
The BEST thing is that I don’t have to manage it – they do everything and I just get big results!
Thanks Go2Karate!

Chief Master Greg Moody,

8° Black Belt, Phoenix, Arizona

Samples of work that Go2Karate has done for KarateBuilt Martial Arts

Lead Generating Website

The Go2 Karate Team met with Dr. Greg Moody Founder of KarateBuilt, and held a discovery call with regard to their online needs both in Arizona and throughout the country. They were a perfect fit to work with the Go2 Karate Marketing Website Platform. They needed a flood of leads, new students and an online presence that would get them seen in their communities. To date Go2 Karate has generated thousands of leads and sold hundreds of coupons for KarateBuilt. Both their brand and marketing website platform aren’t just seen every day they are yielding real-world results and have 10x their business online.

KarateBuilt website

Book Publishing

Go2 Karate launched Dr. Greg Moody’s Authored books and Author website platform. Dr. Moody went all-in and managed authoring multiple books and a Author website platform that help build his personal name and brand online. Go2Karate.com and Rev Publishing, as a marketing and publishing company researched and developed and true real-world roadmap combing multiple sites to scale his brand. Today, Dr. Moody and his books can be found everywhere online and he has truly become an influencer in both the Martial Arts industry as well as the business world.


When Dr. Greg Moody approached the Go2 Karate Team of Marketers our Team was extremely excited to work with him. He was focused and driven to success everything from Author marketing, martial arts marketing for Karate Built Martial Arts to promoting his personal name and brand. Go2 Karate delivered what he needed as an influencer and entrepreneur. To this day, Greg Moody earns lead after lead and new client after new client with the groundbreaking success the Go2 Karate Team as delivered.