Congratulations Great Grand Master Ernie Reyes

Congratulations Ernie Reyes

Congratulations, Great Grand Master Ernie Reyes, on being awarded Go2 Karate’s Lifetime Recognition Award! This Great Grand Master (GGM)  has been honored on national television as one of the Greatest Martial Artist Masters of the 20th Century.  He has also been inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame and has received Lifetime Achievement Awards from every major martial arts organization.  Reyes was the national Tae Kwon Do Champion, and all of the MA industry school owners have seen his world famous Demo Team.  He is also the creator of creative musical forms. Great Grand Master has even done movies and television with his son Ernie Jr. Reyes’ ultimate goal is to bring all different races, colors and creeds together in peace and harmony through his West Cost Martial Arts Association’s Black Belt Success System. Please join the Go2 Karate Team and the Recognition Award Board Members as we honor this one of a kind Great Grand Master!

Congratulations, Great Grand Master Ernie Reyes on this lifetime achievement!

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