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Welcome to the Go2 Karate Initiative Series (IS). Through collaboration with martial art schools worldwide, we aim to positively connect, develop, and educate, equipping others with essential life skills and values that transcend the boundaries of the dojo. Go2 Karate is connecting those in need with those Martial Arts Schools that have joined the Go2 Karate Initiative Series (IS).

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This mission is spearheaded by the visionary Go2 Karate Founder and Master Instructor, Tracy Lee Thomas. As a Veteran with a steadfast commitment to empowering communities and nurturing the youth, this initiative serves as a beacon of hope and transformation during these challenging times of chaos and uncertainty in the world.

Through collaboration with martial art schools worldwide, we aim to positively connect, develop, and educate children, equipping them with essential life skills and values that transcend the boundaries of the dojo. We connect school owners with those searching for help in the categories listed below.

Featuring over 15 impactful programs, the Go2 Karate Initiative Series addresses a diverse array of needs, ranging from self-defense and focus enhancement to confidence building and stress relief. Each Go2 Karate Initiative is meticulously crafted to provide practical solutions and meaningful experiences, fostering personal growth and resilience in young minds.

Join us in The Go2 Karate mission to combat bullying, enhance academic performance, promote physical fitness, and cultivate leadership qualities among children. Whether it's through specialized classes, summer camps, after-school programs, or birthday parties, the Go2 Karate Initiative Series offers opportunities for children to thrive, connect, and lead.

Programs included in the Go2 Karate Initiative Series

Self-Defense For Kids

Empowering Protection for Every Situation

Equip children with the essential skills and confidence needed to protect themselves in any situation. A self-defense program teaches practical techniques and strategies for staying safe, building resilience, and standing strong in the face of adversity.

Focus & Concentration Skills For Kids

Sharpen Your Mind, Strengthen Your Focus

Enhance children's cognitive abilities and academic performance with our focus and concentration skills program. Through targeted exercises and mindfulness practices, kids learn to sharpen their focus, improve attention span, and maximize productivity in all areas of life.

Stop Bullying

Building A Skillset to Stand Strong Against Bullying

Take a stand against bullying and empower children with the tools to defend themselves and others. Our anti-bullying program teaches assertiveness, conflict resolution, and empathy, fostering a culture of kindness, respect, and inclusion.

Kids Fitness

Forge Your Body, Fuel Your Spirit

Inspire a love for fitness and physical activity in children with the kids fitness program. Through fun and dynamic workouts, kids develop strength, agility, and endurance while cultivating healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Kids With ADHD

Channel Energy, Find Focus, Embrace Control

Support children with ADHD in harnessing their energy and unlocking their full potential. This specialized program offers tailored strategies and techniques to improve focus, self-regulation, and overall well-being.

Confidence & Self Esteem Skills For Kids

Unleash Confidence, Ignite Self-Belief

Empower children to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams with confidence and self-esteem. This program builds resilience, fosters a positive self-image, and equips kids with the courage to overcome challenges and embrace opportunities for growth.

Kids Self-Discipline Skillsets

Cultivate Discipline, Forge Character

Instill the value of discipline and responsibility in children, laying the foundation for success in all areas of life. This program teaches self-control, time management, and goal-setting, empowering kids to make positive choices and take ownership of their actions.

Better School Grades With Kids Karate

Elevate Learning, Excel in Life

Enhance academic performance and cognitive skills through the practice of martial arts. Our program emphasizes focus, discipline, and problem-solving, helping children excel in school and beyond.

Kids Social Skills

Connect, Collaborate, and Lead. Building Social Champions

Foster meaningful connections and leadership skills in children through socialization and teamwork activities. This program promotes empathy, communication, and cooperation, empowering kids to build strong relationships and become effective leaders in their communities.

Stress Relief For Kids

Find Balance, Embrace Calm, Conquer Stress

Teach children healthy coping mechanisms and relaxation techniques to manage stress and anxiety. This program encourages mindfulness, self-awareness, and emotional regulation, promoting inner peace and well-being.

Leadership Skills For Children

Lead with Purpose, Inspire with Action

Develop the next generation of leaders by nurturing essential leadership qualities in children. This program focuses on communication, decision-making, and teamwork, empowering kids to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

Karate For Pre-Schoolers

Empowering Little Ones, One Kick at a Time

Offer a gentle introduction to martial arts training tailored specifically for young children between the ages of 3 to 5 years old. These classes focus on building foundational skills such as balance, coordination, and listening, while also incorporating elements of character education.

Kids Karate Summer Camps

Ignite Adventure, Ignite Confidence

Embark on a summer journey like no other with our Kids Karate Summer Camps! Designed to ignite excitement and confidence in every participant, the camps blend the thrill of outdoor adventures with the discipline and focus of martial arts training..

Kids Karate After School Programs

Energize, Empower, Excel

Empower your child's afternoons with the Kids Karate After School Programs! Designed to energize minds and bodies, the programs offer the perfect balance of physical activity, academic support, and character development in a positive environment.

Karate Kids Conflict Resolution

Defend with Words, Resolve with Honor

Karate Kids Conflict Resolution program equips children with the skills to peacefully resolve conflicts and navigate challenging situations with integrity. Through the principles of martial arts and guided by experienced instructors, kids learn effective communication techniques, empathy, and diplomacy. This program emphasizes the importance of mutual respect, active listening, and finding win-win solutions, empowering children to build harmonious relationships and resolve conflicts with confidence and grace. Give your child the tools to become a peaceful warrior and foster a culture of understanding and cooperation with Karate Kids Conflict Resolution – where every interaction is an opportunity for growth and mutual respect.