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Welcome to Fast Fist Martial Arts!

Welcome to Fast Fist Martial Arts of Desoto, Texas where we believe in exceeding the martial arts & personal safety awareness standards. Since 2015 we have been committed to developing the highest level of self defense, self awareness and self confidence each student can possibly obtain. Our team is standing by to show you our motivating facility and what we have to offer you and your family.

Our Philosophy

TV and social media offer exposure to many negative influences. It is now more important than ever that our youth are taught life principles like discipline, integrity, self-control, and respect. The confidence martial arts gives is important when facing bullys and deciding not to be victimized by peer pressure.

Our Story

Bullying has always been a issue in society, but in recent years it seems to have really taken a turn for the worst. As I watched the number of youth suicides increased I knew there was something I could do to help. Bullying can now come in many new forms thanks to cyber-space. At FFMA we are gearing up to train our students to address all of these potential threats.

Fun classes

We understand kids learn better when they are enjoying what they are doing, so we include fun activity in our cirriculum to keep the kids engaged.

Tailored/Expert teaching

Mr. Fuller is a 5th degree Black Belt and has accomplished various awards in competitive tournaments for years. This experience gives him a rare perspective into Tae Kwon Do. His God given talent to connect with people allows a tailored learning experience.

Fast Fist Martial Arts Programs

Karate For Kids

Karate for Kids classes at Fast Fist Martial Arts are a great way to instill integrity, courtesy and respect with children in the DeSoto, TX community. Fast Fist Martial Arts programs teach children of all ages the valuable life lessons of respect, self-discipline, self-control, and the ability to safely defend themselves when needed. The life skills and attributes create an enduring, impactful “Personal Victory” in Martial Arts for kids. The life skills taught by our professional instructors are instrumental in shaping confident, capable, and successful people in today’s society. Interaction with the community, starting at an early age, can be an enriching and pivotal experience for any person. Fast Fist Martial Arts serves the community with some of the best Karate classes in DeSoto, TX . Karate for Kids has an age appropriate curriculum featuring classes specifically aimed at the physical development and mental capabilities of children and adolescents in the family. By measuring the results of the individual student, and by establishing specific goals in the context of the curriculum at Fast Fist Martial Arts, our Karate For Kids program carries over to many other activities, studies, and pursuits in life, particularly for young students. Teaching the skill of dedication to completing an activity, setting and reaching goals, is an important part of the program designed by our instructors. Together with others their own age, every Karate Kid can grow with the self-confidence that only a high quality Martial Arts program can deliver consistently. The course of self-improvement and leadership offered at Fast Fist Martial Arts can ultimately be a key turning point for kids in the family. It’s not hard to see the impact our Karate lessons have on young people – more confidence from within – derived from earning and winning a “Personal Victory” in the Martial Arts.

Martial Arts For Teens & Adults

The classes for teens and adults offered at Fast Fist Martial Arts are led by an experienced, professional team of inspiring instructors, featuring quality curriculums tested and approved by expert Martial Arts instructor Shadwick Fuller in a clean, convenient, comfortable, secure, and modern facility. All material is designed to train individuals through incremental development into skillful Martial Artists. Coursework is influenced by a number of popular competitive disciplines. The training system utilized at Fast Fist Martial Arts is crafted so that any student with the willingness to try, to learn, and to persevere can become proficient Martial Arts practitioner. In our Martial Arts for Teens and Adults classes, students learn through repetition alone and with partners in diverse, practical applications of techniques realistic scenarios. Other benefits of training in our system include development of skills that help in managing conflicts, reducing stress by releasing tension, and resisting temptations that commonly occur in modern daily life. Classes are designed offer so much more than just kicking and punching at Fast Fist Martial Arts. Our Martial Arts for Teens and Adults classes give you the profoundly important ability to gain self-confidence while improving your personal safety and physical, mental, emotional, and social capacities. Our loyal, motivated Martial Arts students are provided all the tools necessary to enhance the body’s basic functions such as increased flexibility, core strength, and endurance. Self-defense is taught in a safe, enjoyable environment that emphasizes the values and practical application of Martial Arts prowess that could one day save a life. Successful students dedicate themselves to pursuing mastery of the Martial Arts techniques, life skills, and leadership traits. Here at Fast Fist Martial Arts, we strive to help our students achieve “personal victory” in Martial Arts and in life. It is not hard to understand why so many people train under the direction of award-winning Martial Art instructor Shadwick Fuller at the training facility in DeSoto, TX.

Tai Chi Classes

“Tai Chi,” is a popular form of Chinese Martial Arts that enjoys immense mainstream popularity for several reasons. The Tai Chi classes at Fast Fist Martial Arts teach students self-defense skills and improve mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Many practitioners appreciate the blending of soft and hard Martial Arts techniques used in Tai Chi demonstrations and competitions. Training in the Martial Arts style of Tai Chi at our DeSoto, TX location develops knowledge of five elements – Taolu (hand and weapon fighting forms), Neigong and Qigong (exercises in breathing, movement and meditation), Tuishou (drills), and Sanshou (self-defense techniques). Under the expert guidance of Shadwick Fuller, instructors at Fast Fist Martial Arts are experienced in all aspects of Tai Chi training. Depending on a student’s goals for training in Tai Chi, the forms (sequence of moves, directions, etc.) can be modern or traditional slow movement. Unlike most Martial Arts disciplines, training in Tai Chi does not require students to wear a set uniform, although they are encouraged to wear flat-soled shoes and light clothing that permits maximum freedom of movement. The study of Tai Chi can be divided into three categories: health, meditation, and the art itself. Come in and study this great Martial Arts style with friendly, attentive, skillful instructors at Fast Fist Martial Arts located conveniently in DeSoto, TX.

We Are Proud To Introduce

Shadwick Fuller

With a passion for helping community members stay safe while teaching what is often categorized as a martial art, our Master Instructors believe that each student can obtain their goals and objectives in life.

Offering training concepts, drills and various skill sets that will get you fit, keep you agile and feeling confident in every day life.

Whether you are seeking a traditional martial arts school or something more modern please reach out to us first and let us show you what we have to offer.

We look forward to showing you what we have to offer to you and your family.

Fast Fist Martial Arts
901 North Polk Street
DeSoto TX 75115

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Listen To What People Are Saying!

When my son started with Fast Fists Martial Arts, he was very hyper, had been expelled from school, and had failed at many other sports programs. The Fast Fists team, specifically Mr. Fuller worked with him very patiently and I slowly began to see my son become more focused, he consistently set goals for himself on and off the mat, his skills progressed and this year he's an honor roll student; true definition of a scholar athelete. Fast Fists gives kids the highest standard in Martial Arts training, while always stressing leadership, courage, discipline, and teamwork and it shows in the wonderful and respectful group of boys and girls in every class and the smiling faces of the parents. I am so grateful for what Fast Fists Martial Arts has done for my son and I am honored to be a part of the Fast Fists family. -Shanika

Fast Fists has given my daughter more than I was initially looking for. I wanted her to be involved in an after school activity that she'd enjoy and something unique. Fast Fists was a perfect match for her. We received much more than we were looking for. A new skill that introduced her to self defense, discipline and an awareness to protect herself. She gained an extended family that showed unconditional love and care to her that goes beyond class. The encouragement the Fast Family shares will be with her a lifetime. We appreciate the impact and encounter that Mr. and Mrs. Fuller has had on Mykah. One of the best decisions I've made for her life. Thanks soooo much!!! - LaToyia

Fast Fist has been a positive influence on my so life. He has learn to focus more and he is more discipline. In Austin's words "Fast Fist has taught me discipline, and how to not give up and always do my best. And how to focus and to push through being tired and sleepy. - Sheila