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We’re dedicated to helping as many people as we can experience the endless positive benefits of Martial Arts. Our Black Belt Program will make changes in you almost overnight. Weight loss – not a problem, self-defence – done, confidence building – we live for that, top level fitness, conditioning and muscle tone – goes without saying.

We provide high quality Martial Arts training at an affordable price in a friendly and welcoming family atmosphere. Adults and children alike can become their very best and achieve incredible results, both physically and mentally, in a very short period of time.

Your fitness will increase along with your confidence and energy levels, and you’ll have fun and make lots of new friends along the way.

Whatever your age or ability, we can’t wait to meet you and get you started on your Martial Arts journey.

We Are Proud To Introduce

GRaham Wardle

With a passion for helping community members stay safe while teaching what is often categorized as a martial art, our Master Instructors believe that each student can obtain their goals and objectives in life.

Offering training concepts, drills and various skill sets that will get you fit, keep you agile and feeling confident in every day life.

Whether you are seeking a traditional martial arts school or something more modern please reach out to us first and let us show you what we have to offer.

We look forward to showing you what we have to offer to you and your family.

Valley Martial Arts
Lancashire DE 19810

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If you want to get fit and learn self defence in an encouraging and friendly environment then this is the place to do it. The instructors' passion for teaching is clearly evident in the classes which are always fast paced and extremely well structured. We can't recommend Valley Martial Arts enough!