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Shane & Melissa Bosstick

Wow, Congratulations ma’am! What a great honor and you do deserve it. You are an inspiration to all people around you.

Dave Youngman

Congratulations, Ma’am on this well-deserved milestone in your journey. Blessings as you continue to lead and continue to learn. Finish Strong!

Jeff Konich

Congratulations! Thank you for leading by example. We’ll deserved!!

Stephen Oliver

Congratulations on a Well Earned Promotion! It’s great reflection of the incredible contribution to MANY 1,000’s of students and 100’s of Black Belts Developed.

Denise Morin

Congratulations on this amazing achievement. You epitomize the definition of a leader and a mentor, thank you for showing women martial artists that nothing is impossible if you work hard.

Rev Marketing

Our Rev Marketing Team wanted to Congratulate Master Amanda Olson on all of her Martial Arts achievements. She has been a mentor, a leader, one whom is always in the forefront, from Ask Master Mom, to …

Shannon Guse

Congratulations on your 9th Degree Black Belt ma’am! Your dedication & determination is an inspiration to all of us!

Matthew Guse

Congratulations on this monumental achievement! May you continue to inspire the next generation of martial artists.

Mark Sustaire

Congratulations my sword Master sister on this achievement. Well earned.