We are sitting at 82% right now

I’m getting better leads because website visitors can navigate through our site and see what they like. So it’s almost as if they are already sold and 80% of my inquiries are asking “how do I take advantage of this free week special” as opposed to just clicking on it and then nothing. They are Continue Reading

Sr. Chief Master Daniel Longoria November 20, 2018

Master Tracy Thomas and his team at “Go2KarateSites” are the real deal.

There are VERY few people in the Martial Arts Industry who really know how to truly leverage the marketing power of the internet. Even fewer yet, who can actually execute the plan. Master Tracy Thomas and his team at “Go2Karate” are the real deal. There is an awful lot of REALLY bad advice and shoddy Continue Reading

Master Toby Milroy November 20, 2018

The Website, designed by, is driving in leads on a regular basis. Add that to the work of Go2Karate and almost every night we have new visitors coming in for classes.

I am a 4th Degree Black Belt in Songahm Taekwondo. My wife and I opened our school almost 4 years ago with the dream of running a traditional, disciplined dojong. Since joining forces with Go2Karate our student growth has exploded! This helps me run an exciting curriculum as more and more students arrive to learn Continue Reading

Mr. Thomas Wright November 20, 2018

Go2KarateSites is easy to work with, and extremely professional. Their expertise in the field of online marketing is cutting edge!

Go2KarateSites stays abreast of the latest technology as well as the changes needed to stay up with the constant changes in search engine marketing and optimization. In a year, they took us from page 14 of the search engines, to page 1! Our website before working with Go2KarateSites brought in two or three leads per Continue Reading

Senior Master David Kowkabany November 20, 2018

Our experience with Go2KarateSites and has been great! Our enrollment has gone up, and our internet visibility has increased.

Months that would ordinarily be slow for our area have shown a significant increase in enrollment. We are really happy that we decided to go with Go2KarateSites. It has helped our business grow, and is certainly worth the investment. In the past, we have shied away from spending money on marketing because it has never Continue Reading

Mr. Jason Dendy November 20, 2018

I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to Go2KarateSites for building our Changing Lives Martial Arts marketing e-commerce site.

This ISN’T just a website its a marketing site that earns us NEW students daily. They have created an amazing system that placed our marketing pieces together for us. From local searches to a quality built marketing site we now dominate the internet, in our communities. In addition they are managing all of our digital Continue Reading

Master Tracy Thomas November 20, 2018

Amazing…!!! We are VERY, VERY, happy with the service and results we have received from the Go2Karate® campaign!

We trust Go2KarateSites 100% to have our schools best interest at heart. So far we’ve had 50 people redeem their Groupon Coupons, and 30 have enrolled in one of our regular programs! This means an extra $60,000 annually for our business! Go2KarateSites manages our website, and we’re VERY HAPPY, because I think now-a-days Online Marketing Continue Reading

Master Antonio Rodriguez November 20, 2018

This has generated traffic that we would have never been able to duplicate

We have had over 500 people come in as a result of the Groupon campaign with Rev Marketing 2 U and Go2Karate®. This has generated traffic that we would have never been able to duplicate during our 19 years in business. The traffic this has generated in my two schools has been amazing. We have Continue Reading

Sr. Master Mark & Master Barbara Sustaire November 20, 2018

We’ve had over 80 people come in as a result of the Groupon campaign from G2K

We’ve had over 80 people come in as a result of the Groupon campaign from Rev Marketing 2 U and Go2Karate® so far. Many have converted to membership of various types. One thing we’ve found that works well is to have a special Groupon upgrade class. So far we’ve offered two classes and 6 showed Continue Reading

Chief Master Droege November 20, 2018

Go2Karate – Very helpful and very professional people!

8th Degree Black belt in Songahm Taekwondo (ATA), with 6 schools in Florida (Martial Arts System- MAS). At MAS we offer the best martial classes through strong physical training, self defense techniques, sparring of all types according to distance including weapon training. We have created our Tiger program that starts with children aged 2 years Continue Reading

Chief Master Ozuna November 20, 2018