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So happy we found this place

We are so happy we found this place. We have been a part of many due to moves, and this is by far the best. The teachers are great, the students are friendly. Our son has learned so much and has been able to advance due to its great instructors.

Rose H. January 14, 2020

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The parents and staff are amazing

My 7 year old son has anxiety issues but Instructor Mark has shown him he will not give up on him and continues to give him one on one direction. The parents and staff are amazing in every way showing their understanding. Thank you double dragon

Greg R. January 14, 2020

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ZHave enjoyed every moment

My children and myself have been training at Double Dragon for years and have enjoyed every moment. My daughter is a black belt, my son is testing for black belt soon and I enjoy the Hap Ki Do classes. Instructor Teele has extensive knowledge in martial arts, and works hard to convey it. He expects a lot from the students, and provides them the rewards of their effort. I highly suggest this school and the family atmosphere that is conveyed by the instructors, families attending and the students.

Shawn M. January 14, 2020

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Students to have fun

We have been attending Double Dragon for more than 5 years. We vetted 4 other martial arts prior to choosing Double Dragon. We chose Double Dragon after seeing the interaction from Mark and his students. Mark expects effort and performance from his students, but also balances the time appropriately for his students to have fun.

James H. January 14, 2020

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Thank You Cliff Mostiler

My son is very shy and hard to open up to people. We've finally decided to give martial arts a try through a friend's referral. Within a few a classes, we've noticed a huge change in him and how excited he was. He's already done things that was a major milestone- testing in front of people ALL BY HIMSELF! Confidence=priceless, thank you Cliff Mostiler!

Linda M. September 18, 2019

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An Excellent School

This is an excellent school with a variety of instructors who care about the students and their development in all areas of life! I highly recommend the programs here for all ages and physical abilities!

Mike M. September 18, 2019

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Excellent instructors

Excellent instructors turning out excellent, well mannered, confident, respectful, and truly phenomenal martial artists in our children! My daughter Dyani is growing to be a great person and this school has so much to do with that. I've been impressed since day one, 3 years ago.

Shevon W. September 18, 2019

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I recommend this TKD Studio HIGHLY!!!!

My son has been coming here for seven years, and his change is amazing!! Mr. Mostiler is an amazing mentor, example, and friend to these kids!! I recommend this TKD Studio HIGHLY!!!!

Crystie S. September 18, 2019

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Fast Fist has been a positive influence on my son’s life

Fast Fist has been a positive influence on my son's life. He has learn to focus more and he is more discipline. In Austin's words "Fast Fist has taught me discipline, and how to not give up and always do my best. And how to focus and to push through being tired and sleepy."

Sheila May 23, 2019

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One of the best decisions I’ve made

Fast Fists has given my daughter more than I was initially looking for. I wanted her to be involved in an after school activity that she'd enjoy and something unique. Fast Fists was a perfect match for her. We received much more than we were looking for. A new skill that introduced her to self defense, discipline and an awareness to protect herself. She gained an extended family that showed unconditional love and care to her that goes beyond class. The encouragement the Fast Family shares will be with her a lifetime. We appreciate the impact and encounter that Mr. and Mrs. Fuller has had on Mykah. One of the best decisions I've made for her life. Thanks soooo much!!!

LaToyia May 23, 2019

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Grateful for what Fast Fists Martial Arts has done for my son

When my son started with Fast Fists Martial Arts, he was very hyper, had been expelled from school, and had failed at many other sports programs. The Fast Fists team, specifically Mr. Fuller worked with him very patiently and I slowly began to see my son become more focused, he consistently set goals for himself on and off the mat, his skills progressed and this year he's an honor roll student; true definition of a scholar athlete. Fast Fists gives kids the highest standard in Martial Arts training, while always stressing leadership, courage, discipline, and teamwork and it shows in the wonderful and respectful group of boys and girls in every class and the smiling faces of the parents. I am so grateful for what Fast Fists Martial Arts has done for my son and I am honored to be a part of the Fast Fists family.

Shanika May 23, 2019

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What Price for a Child’s Safety?

What price can one put on their child’s safety and well being? It has been wonderful to watch as our daughter is instructed in the manner of how to identify a stranger; more importantly what to do should one try to put hands on or harm our child. Through this martial arts training, our daughter has grown wiser and stronger. She’s receiving the life skills that we want her to have. It is reinforcing what she is learning at home in regards to discipline and respect, and amplifying in areas that they specialize in with the martial arts.

Mary W. March 25, 2019

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Increased Reflexes and Balance

The increases I have noticed from my eight year old son are amazing. He is faster, has better reflexes and is no longer clumsy because his balance has improved! He really is learning as well as participating in the lessons and I’m so proud of how far he’s come in such a short time. I am very excited to see how far he will go! I appreciate the staff so much for everything they do for these kids and my son!

Jerry G. March 25, 2019

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Martial arts are not just for kids

After working my desk job for eighteen years, I managed to put on some extra pounds. A friend of mine suggested that I start taking martial arts instead of hitting the gym 6 days a week. I gave it a shot and a year and a half later I feel healthier and I am just five pounds away from my goal of losing 40 pounds! Big thanks to all the encouragement along the way from everyone in my classes! Martial arts are not just for kids and teens, adults can get started too!

Steven S. March 25, 2019

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Extremely rewarding!

My son James loves the helpful instructors as he has worked his way from a white belt up to now being a green belt! Now after school James has something to look forward to. Although challenging he is always encouraged to further his development, something I takes pride in. I strongly encourage martial arts lessons as I have watched James' development in strength and discipline.

Jane M. March 25, 2019

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Amazing School With A Great Staff

Amazing school with a great staff and a great price! Other schools in the area charge twice as much and offer subpar instruction. We attended the Kung fu school in town and it was like day care, not martial arts. This program has changed my child's life! They really do exactly what they promise.

T. Gentile March 1, 2019

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A Great Teacher and Inspiration

Sensei Matt has been a great teacher and inspiration for our son since his first day of class over two years ago. He has a talent for quickly understanding the strengths and weaknesses of his students and training them accordingly. He is a gifted teacher who is also a positive role model. We are very happy with the instruction provided by the Pennsylvania Martial Arts Academy.

N. Lal March 1, 2019

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Sensei Matt is the Best!

My eldest son has been attending PA Martial Arts Academy since last September, and my youngest since April. They have both gotten so much out of the Isshinryu karate program because Sensei Matt is the best! Not only is he an excellent karate teacher, but he also instills important values like integrity, honesty, patience, perseverance, kindness and courage. He has a gift for understanding each student and working with him or her to bring out the best in each person. We highly recommend Pennsylvania Martial Arts Academy if you are looking for a martial arts program that will enrich your life for the long haul.

S. Bulusu March 1, 2019

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I teach them to defend themselves the right way.

I came home from work a while ago and got the shock of my life when the baby sitter showed me something on somebody I never expected to see. My 8 year old daughter had a black eye that she brought home from school. I know she brought it home because I didn't send her to school with it. I heard about boy coming home with this but this was my little girl. Who would want to hurt Alexis she was so sweet. I was furious and called the school's principal but I didn't get an answer so I took her in the next day and nobody told me what I wanted to hear. I didn't get any satisfaction. I said never again and went out to find somebody who could teach her how to fight. But when I went to the karate place and told him, Master Green that Continue Reading

Peggy C. February 13, 2019

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Master Green is Amazing!

I wanted to compete in full contact M.M.A. matches as a professional fighter and did a lot of training on my own, but my instructions in the true martial arts were very basic and I had to pick up a bit here and there until I met Hanshi he took me from a zero to a hero baby. I stand now undefeated and my pro carrier is looking brighter. I guess it's the experience he has from being a European champion in Muay Thai. I was blown away. Coach Green is amazing! He gave me everything I need to be my best and win. Coach, I really thank you for caring . I appreciate you for all you done.

Terrence D. February 13, 2019

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Thank You Grand Master

My son had a problem with authority and wouldn't obey his mother and me, so i though karate would help. When I told Master Green the deal he asked me ,"Would you bare with me if I get a little military on him?" I said what ever it takes and he used a military discipline style with commands and exercise which put a demand on him to follow orders. After about 2 months I saw a rebellious 14 year old kid become a loyal and honorable 14 year old young man, and he says ma'am and sir. Thank you Grand Master, never thought that I would have it so good.

Andre B. February 13, 2019

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Taking karate was a therapy for me

I was a nurse working in a hospital in Florence S.C. on second shift. I was off and I left the hospital walking to my car and as I opened a man rushed in behind me forcing me in my car where he started to beat and rape me. After this he beat me some more choking me. I though I was gonna die that night but the lights from the security officers flash light made him stop and run. And as I got out of my car calling for help the officer saw me called for help from emergency and carried me into the hospital where they worked on me doing everything in line with procedure. I was able to give a report to the police there but I didn't see his face for the ski mask he was wearing. I was paranoid for a long while and couldn't Continue Reading

Patricia F. February 13, 2019

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The instructors are understanding and very helpful!

The instructors are understanding and very helpful. I felt Great afterwards. There was no judgment and I could work at my own pace .

E.Blake February 4, 2019

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This place is great!

This place is great! My son just started 2 months ago and absolutely loves what he is learning. The instructors and volunteers really know how to get the kids excited about working hard. He is also learning respect, self discipline, and self confidence.

L. Marlat February 4, 2019

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EDK is a family

EDK is a family. My daughter started there when she was 7 years old, she is now 16 and lives for EDK. She is currently a 2nd Dan Jr black belt and assistant instructor. She has grown into a beautiful, caring, respectful and confident young lady. I credit EDK for molding her into the person she is. You will not find any instructors or coaches that will care about your kids more than these wonderful people. They do everything in their power to make their goals a reality. They’re learning life lessons while learning an incredibly rewarding art. It definitely helps them to achieve great things not only at EDK but also in school and just daily life. I cannot thank EDK enough, especially Sir for helping me raise my daughter to become the person she is today.

R. Hanzarik February 4, 2019

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Amazing people, amazing place, amazing instructors!

Amazing people, amazing place, amazing instructors! I love going to class and pushing myself with the help of everyone. Would highly recommend to everyone

A. Roosevelt February 4, 2019

We are sitting at 82% right now

I’m getting better leads because website visitors can navigate through our site and see what they like. So it’s almost as if they are already sold and 80% of my inquiries are asking “how do I take advantage of this free week special” as opposed to just clicking on it and then nothing. They are literally asking what do I need to do in order to get started. Where before they would call you but you could tell they were just inquiries that would just say to you “well I don’t know anything about karate or what you guys have” and they would hang up. Now I just send them an email and they give me a call back for more information. Then we’ll get them registered for a free week. We get calls every day asking when is your next free week. So I would say that scheduling has Continue Reading

Sr. Chief Master Daniel Longoria November 20, 2018

Master Tracy Thomas and his team at “Go2KarateSites” are the real deal.

There are VERY few people in the Martial Arts Industry who really know how to truly leverage the marketing power of the internet. Even fewer yet, who can actually execute the plan. Master Tracy Thomas and his team at “Go2Karate” are the real deal. There is an awful lot of REALLY bad advice and shoddy services in our industry, especially when it comes to internet marketing. But Master Thomas and his team of developers are true professionals who are delivering REAL results for their clients. Whether you need a website that delivers new prospective students to your door, online marketing services (SEO, SEM, Pay Per Click Management etc…) or social couponing (Groupon, Living Social, Amazon Local etc...), Go2Karate are now our “go to guys”. The Go2Karate team have “cracked the code” on getting traffic to your site, and getting it converted into intros and paying students. I’m HIGHLY recommending the Continue Reading

Master Toby Milroy November 20, 2018

The Website, designed by, is driving in leads on a regular basis. Add that to the work of Go2Karate and almost every night we have new visitors coming in for classes.

I am a 4th Degree Black Belt in Songahm Taekwondo. My wife and I opened our school almost 4 years ago with the dream of running a traditional, disciplined dojong. Since joining forces with Go2Karate our student growth has exploded! This helps me run an exciting curriculum as more and more students arrive to learn more about martial arts. Go2Karate has been the tool I have been looking for. We offer Krav Maga, through Krav Maga Desoto, Songahm Taekwondo, and Fitness Kickboxing classes. On Sunday’s we have an open mat welcoming Jiujitsu, MMA, Judo, Karate, and other disciplines so we can share training, philosophies, and ideas. Since joining with our growth is exploding! The Website, designed by Rev Marketing, is driving in leads on a regular basis. Add that to the work of Go2Karate and almost every night we have new visitors coming in for classes. I am looking Continue Reading

Mr. Thomas Wright November 20, 2018

Go2KarateSites is easy to work with, and extremely professional. Their expertise in the field of online marketing is cutting edge!

Go2KarateSites stays abreast of the latest technology as well as the changes needed to stay up with the constant changes in search engine marketing and optimization. In a year, they took us from page 14 of the search engines, to page 1! Our website before working with Go2KarateSites brought in two or three leads per YEAR, and now we get weekly calls… this is in addition to our Groupon sales. Sr. Master Thomas and his staff and the best, very hard-working, and true to their promises. In fact, they have actually provided additional services to us that we didn’t expect, as they were rolling them out to all of their accounts as positive advancements came through with upgrades in their software. Working with RM2U allows us to focus on teaching instead of worrying about handing out cards and flyers.

Senior Master David Kowkabany November 20, 2018

Our experience with Go2KarateSites and has been great! Our enrollment has gone up, and our internet visibility has increased.

Months that would ordinarily be slow for our area have shown a significant increase in enrollment. We are really happy that we decided to go with Go2KarateSites. It has helped our business grow, and is certainly worth the investment. In the past, we have shied away from spending money on marketing because it has never brought in enough to justify the expense. However, after hearing some of the success stories of Go2KarateSites from trusted associates, we decided to give it a try. Once the site got up and running, and we started following through with the suggestions of Go2KarateSites' team of professionals, our enrollment jumped; we doubled the past month’s enrollment and exceeded our previous year’s enrollment for the same period. We knew then that this program could work. We are glad to make the investment every month and now we tell our associates about how this marketing program has Continue Reading

Mr. Jason Dendy November 20, 2018

I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to Go2KarateSites for building our Changing Lives Martial Arts marketing e-commerce site.

This ISN’T just a website its a marketing site that earns us NEW students daily. They have created an amazing system that placed our marketing pieces together for us. From local searches to a quality built marketing site we now dominate the internet, in our communities. In addition they are managing all of our digital coupons such as Groupon, Living Social etc. These coupons never worked before on our own. I can truly see the benefit of connecting or as they call it, placing the puzzle pieces together 4 U. Over 3,000 Coupons sold and our marketing site is producing new students each day. We give every student a free uniform or Go2Karate® that every student loves. While they use it in town it send people to the Go2Karate® marketing site and they can find our marketing site or our offer on the Go2Karate® site. I’m excited about what Continue Reading

Master Tracy Thomas November 20, 2018

Amazing…!!! We are VERY, VERY, happy with the service and results we have received from the Go2Karate® campaign!

We trust Go2KarateSites 100% to have our schools best interest at heart. So far we’ve had 50 people redeem their Groupon Coupons, and 30 have enrolled in one of our regular programs! This means an extra $60,000 annually for our business! Go2KarateSites manages our website, and we’re VERY HAPPY, because I think now-a-days Online Marketing is one of the most important marketing tools, and this type of marketing is working even better than we ever imagined…!!”

Master Antonio Rodriguez November 20, 2018

This has generated traffic that we would have never been able to duplicate

We have had over 500 people come in as a result of the Groupon campaign with Rev Marketing 2 U and Go2Karate®. This has generated traffic that we would have never been able to duplicate during our 19 years in business. The traffic this has generated in my two schools has been amazing. We have used many different advertising/marketing programs in the past and none of them have given us the results that this one has. Experiences with bullies led me get involved with ATA at age 17. I was the band nerd, and I’d been picked on, I wanted to learn how to defend myself, and it changed my whole perspective. I have never looked back, and over the past 30 years, Taekwondo for us has developed into a family affair: my wife, Barbara, is also a Master and a 6th Degree Black Belt and my two children are Continue Reading

Sr. Master Mark & Master Barbara Sustaire November 20, 2018

We’ve had over 80 people come in as a result of the Groupon campaign from G2K

We’ve had over 80 people come in as a result of the Groupon campaign from Rev Marketing 2 U and Go2Karate® so far. Many have converted to membership of various types. One thing we’ve found that works well is to have a special Groupon upgrade class. So far we’ve offered two classes and 6 showed up each time. We’ve enrolled leads 6 into 1 year programs. That’s a 50% conversion rate! Facts: Enrolled 20 Students so far out of the 80 on 12 month memberships which is $60,000 annually. We have leveled-up 6 students to our Leadership Program for an additional $2,500 each = $15,000 for a total added revenue to our annual amount of $75,000! Thank you and Go2Karate®!

Chief Master Droege November 20, 2018

Go2Karate – Very helpful and very professional people!

8th Degree Black belt in Songahm Taekwondo (ATA), with 6 schools in Florida (Martial Arts System- MAS). At MAS we offer the best martial classes through strong physical training, self defense techniques, sparring of all types according to distance including weapon training. We have created our Tiger program that starts with children aged 2 years old to 7 years old when they move to the regular Junior program. Structure, organization, and great classes are our main strength. I oversee over 300 schools in Latin America, consult with 500 instructors, give seminar in 6 Countries every year and one big Panam Congress and Championship. We are starting our exposure with our experience with Rev Marketing 2 U has been very positive, I have my website with them and did a full year of advertising. Very helpful and very professional people!

Chief Master Ozuna November 20, 2018