Martial Arts for Kids

What is the best age to start martial arts

The truth is there is no “best” age to start the martial arts. Because to say that there was would be to imply that people who are older are just so far behind, and there’s things they won’t benefit from because they arrived too late. And we don’t want that. The martial arts is something that everyone can enjoy at any time and find benefit from and we highly encourage everyone of virtually any age to simply go down to a school, sit in on a class and see what they think. Maybe even take a minute to talk to an instructor about what the martial arts has to offer and how it might benefit them personally.
Naturally, and obviously the more time a person spends in the martial arts actively training, the more benefits they will develop and enjoy, and the better their character will be for it. It’s also true that the longer a person spends in the martial arts the more they will discover about themselves, and they’ll discover that motivations and desires change for various reasons. So the reasons they joined may not be the same reasons they are continuing.
And that’s perfectly normal. And that’s perfectly fine.
As we’ve discussed many times, young children can discover many invaluable assets to their lives by joining up and training in the martial arts at a young age. There’s so much character development that takes place, and so much positive influence available that they’ll be better examples of themselves, they’ll benefit and benefit greatly. They’ll learn necessary life skills that will enhance their quality of life and chances at success later on in life. It’ll open up so many doors of opportunity and possibility for them.
They’ll learn positive self image, self confidence, and self defense. They’ll learn to respect others and to respect themselves. They’ll learn the value and applicability of discipline in their lives. They’ll learn the importance of obedience, of learning how to set goals and reach them.
They’ll learn how to develop their character and become productive, well adjusted young adults and assets to their community rather than undisciplined people who prey on their communities.
All of these things and more are benefits they’ll find available to them if they join and enroll and train at a young age.
But again, we mean to stress that there is no “best” age for anyone to join because there are a multitude of benefits and opportunities available to people of any age and any walk of life. And quality of life can always benefit here for anyone who is willing to take that leap of courage, and commitment and join up.
An adult woman can join up and gain the benefits because she’s faced abuse, she’s been frightened and wants to learn self defense. And she can join, and learn that she doesn’t have to be a victim anymore, that she has a right to feel safe, and that she can defend herself and no longer have to live in fear.
An adult man who is overweight and struggling against health issues, self image and depression can join up and find a supportive community that will challenge and enable him to succeed and lose weight and turn his quality of life around. He can develop self confidence based on success and discover an entirely new world of opportunity opened up to him.
An elderly person can join up and discover a community that’s friendly, supportive and happy to engage with them. They can maintain a level of activity and fitness in their life they might not otherwise have found for themselves. They too can discover a world of opportunity and excitement opened up to them. They can discover that quality of life doesn’t have to decrease or disappear just because they’re elderly and not able to do as many things as when they were younger. They can share the wisdom of their age with younger people and enhance their lives as well.
So in the end we don’t want to imply anything that could be cause for making someone feel unwelcome in the martial arts or feel as if they’re going to miss out on something and not gain as much benefit, because the truth is the benefits of the martial arts are so wide reaching that anyone of any age can find quality of life.
So it doesn’t matter what your age is, or what your walk of life or given situation is. We highly encourage and recommend that you seek out a martial arts school near you and simply give it a look. Take a little afternoon to go in, talk to an instructor, tell them a little bit about yourself and what you might be interested in or looking for. They’re certain to invite you to sit in on a class and see for yourself what the potential benefits could be for you and how it could help your situation, and help you achieve goals you didn’t imagine possible.
Everyone is living with a different situation and struggling with different obstacles or challenges. But those obstacles and challenges can be overcome if you commit yourself to seeking out an effective solution to them.
And the martial arts can absolutely provide you with the framework you need to develop options, to develop the tools to overcome challenges, and enhance your quality of life no matter what age you are or where you’ve come from.
There’s a community waiting to help you, and enable you to become a better, brighter, you.
And who knows, you may just find yourself able to help someone there overcome their struggle. After all, that’s what community is all about.