Amanda Olson

Amanda Olson

Congratulations Amanda Olson

To all my fellow Martial Artists,

Master Instructor, Amanda Olson is testing for 9th Degree Black Belt in November in Tennessee. She will soon join hands as one of only a few female 9th degrees in the country. She has been a major contributor in the Martial Arts Industry as a leader, author, mentor and a passionate martial artist.

I am respectfully requesting that our fellow Martial Artists join hands in a “Congratulatory Message”, honoring her on this lifetime achievement.

Tracy Lee Thomas

Founder | Go2 Karate
8th Degree

Tracy Thomas

Todd Droege

9th degree black belt Grand Master founding partner.

Gtma Tactical Martial arts

Marietta GA.

I have known Master Amanda for more than 35 years and I'm so honored to be here on the board to see her go to the next level of her martial arts career. She is a great leader and going to keep doing amazing things. Congratulations

Ron Kuhn

6th Dan

Premier Martial Arts Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne, In


Kellie McClendon

4th degree /Head Instructor

Olson’s Martial Arts

Johnson City TN

Congratulations to the best bad ass boss/friend/mentor there is! You deserve ever moment of awesome you receive!

Bob Dunne

Bob Dunne


Clearwater Fl

Congratulations Amanda !!

Delfino Candia

Master Instructor

America's Best Karate

El Paso TX

Congratulations on such a big accomplishment!!!

Darrin Palmer

8th degree

Niceville ATA Martial Arts

Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Ma’am, I am honored to be writing this message. I tell Black Belts and school owners to never forget where they came from and who started them in their training. We start Martial Arts for many different reasons but we stay because of the people. I would not be here today, 34 years later if it wasn’t for your guidance, leadership, kindness and care. The journey of a career Martial Artist can be tiring and selfless. The common thread we have is wanting better for others. We are a Martial Art family first. Congratulations on this great honor of 9th Degree Black Belt!

Tim Harrison

8th Dan

TM Martial Arts

Plainfield, Il

Congratulations on your promotion!

Silvio Simac

8th Dan Taekwon-do

SIMAC Mind Body & Spirit

London, UK

Congratulations on your magnificent journey, achievements and wisdom acquired along the way.

Marty Callahan

Chief Instructor 8th Degree Black Belt

Shotokan Karate Leadership School

Santa Rosa, CA

Congratulations Master Olson. 9th degree is an incredible achievement. You earned it.

Rod Bohorquez

Grand Master / 9th Dan

Rod's Martial Arts

Miami, Fl

Congratulations Grand Master Amanda Olson. Welcome to the elite and few 9th Degree Black Belts in the world. Your dedication to the martial arts has paid off but not finished. My respect and best wishes.

Edward Carr

5th dan Black Belt Shihan

Tokyo Joe's Studios

Hooksett, N.H.

Very few get to this Achievement. Be proud I always say to my students or fighters There Is Greatness in all of us, reach down work hard and never give up. You have done that. Congratulations on your success and hard work and new rank

Kevin Mendez

Sensei 4th dan

America's Finest Karate & Kickboxing

Middletown NY

Congratulations Master Olsen on this great achievement and your years of dedication to the martial arts.

Joe Hutchings

Master Sifu/ 6th degree black sash

Pear Tree Self Defense Center

Wichita, KS

Congratulations on such a wonderful and hard won achievement. Keep up the great work.



Founder of Kyokushinkai Karate in Iraq


Big Osu and BIG CONGRATILAYION to you madam!!

Amir Ardebily

9th degree

Amir Academy of Martial Arts

Saint Petersburg Florida

Congratulations Amanda, keep up the force

Soke Shifu Derrick Whitlow

8th Degree Blacksash/8th Dan Okinawan Kempo Karate

Whitlow's Academy of Wu Gung Tao

Huntsville Alabama

Congratulations and Continued Blessings Grandmaster Amanda Olson from the International Wu Clan Martial Arts Family and the United Martial Science Union as well! We all salute you for all that you have accomplished as a 9th Dan Master of the Martial Sciences! The Martial Arts Community has been blessed and Graced by the Sovereign Almighty to have you as one of the Accomplished Great Female Masters of the Many Martial Science Disciplines! Again, I and my Kung Fu along with my Karate Clans salute you! Greater things are yet to Come! Keep on keeping on as you demonstrate to Women of all Ages and Backgrounds that Martial Arts is no Respected of Persons! The Best is Yet to Come! Soke Shifu Dr. Derrick P Whitlow I & Family Whitlow's Academy of Gung Tao & Martial Sciences Huntsville Alabama

Rey Rodriguez

1st Degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt

Dominion MMA

San Antonio, Texas

Master Instructor Olson congratulations on achieving your 9th-degree blackbelt. Congratulations on this amazing achievement and continued blessings on your journey!

Clinton Robinson

9th Dan

Robinson’s Taekwondo

Roseville, CA

Congratulations on your achievement. Best wishes for your continued success

Michael Murphy

4th Degree/International Instructor/Judge

KICKS Academy

Summerville, SC

Grand Master Mandy Mathis Where do I start? Martial Artist, Author, Parental Speaker, Mother, Wife, Daughter. Anything that you tried you conquered and exceeded. You’re at the top of your Martial Arts journey Grand Mastership. You have poured so much information and training into so many children and adults in your life. Our lives have been touched by your knowledge, spirit and determination on making us better martial artists and human beings. It’s been a blessing to know you and may your Grand Mastership be the glowing achievement of your journey. Michael Murphy 4th Degree Blackbelt International Instructor


Chief Master

Success Now Martial Arts


Congratulations on this great accomplishment

Jan Lappin

5th Master

Middleburg Martisl Arts

Middleburg, Fl

Congratulations Amanda! You have worked long and hard for this. You are a true inspiration !

Susan Droege

I'm married to 9th degree Grand Master Todd Droege

Tactical Martial Arts

Marietta GA

Ma'am I have held you and your family in high regard for many years. I've watched you grow into the amazing woman you are today. I'm very proud of your accomplishments.

Dwayne L. Flees

4th Degree Black Belt

KarateBuilt Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids, MI

What an amazing accomplishment and inspiration to your students! Congratulations on earning your 9th Degree Black Belt.

Brad Bezoni

Master - 5th Dan Tae Kwon Do / 4th Dan Tang Soo Do

Fighting Dragon Tae Kwon Do

Houston, TX

Congratulations ma'am on this crowning achievement!

Hemanthkumar Puthiya purayil

Roku Dan(2007) Renshi title

Japan Goju Ryu Karate Do Ichi Ryu Kai & Okinawa Nahate Goju Ryu Karate Do kobudo kyokai


Hearty Congratulations for getting Ku Dan for Amanda San..I think it's your hardwork and highly dedication...all the best Renshi Hemanth Kumar Chief Instructor Japan Goju Ryu Karate Do Ichi Ryu Kai India

Erik Kotkas

Shihan/Head Instructor

Rising Sun Martial Arts

Rising Sun,MD

What an excellent achievement! No doubt many years of blood sweat and tears to reach this level. Congratulations on receiving your new rank. May it inspire others to continue training throughout their lives. Training is the journey. It is the path that is important, not the destination.

Lemont Davis

6th Degree Black Belt

Davis Dynamix and Kickboxing

Greenville NC

Congrats in a life long Acomplisment!

Dany Ducat

5 Dan

JuJitsu Hobby Dojo


Félicitations pour l'obtention de votre 9e degrés. Que tous mes meilleurs vœux vous accompagnent dans votre grande aventure.

Phillip Minton

9th Degree Black Belt -- Grand Master Nominee

Minton's Black Belt Leadership Academy

Terre Haute, IN

"MIND, BODY, SPIRIT" To become a 9th Degree Master Instructor, one must have the Wisdom to Set Goals and the Strength to Build a Team to Visualize and Accomplish One must also have the Spirit to spread the Love of Family, Friends, and God Always be Positive, Strive for Good Balance, Spread your Knowledge with a Loving Heart. Amanda Olson is a beautiful example of “Mind, Body & Spirit”

Travis Tooke

4th Degree Black Belt Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts

Houston, TX

Huge Congratulations Amanda Olson! I wanted to let you know that you have inspired my team to be better leaders and instructors both on and off the mat. I have had the great privilege to hear you speak, see you teach and witness you lead with passion. In fact, at an event a few years back, you were speaking with the parents at the black belt retreat. I sat down and took lots of notes. You demonstrated how parents ought to interact with and support their kids' journey, how to be great "team members" within a family unit and you had us all explore the question, "what kind of adults do we want our kids to become?" I have since added these lessons to my academy's instructor course and have made it a staple of what I teach to others. You did that! And I thank you for adding value to my team. I also recently had my first child, a son, this past March and these lessons will help guide me throughout my journey as a father. Thank you for being such a wonderful leader and congratulations on earning your 9th degree black belt!

Sebastian Mejias


Samurai Inti Martial Arts

Frisco Texas

Congratulation Master Amanda, Thank you for being such a powerful and beautiful role model. A great example of a Martial Arts master, strength, light and wisdom!

Soke Shifu Derrick P Whitlow I

8th Dan/Degree Wu Gung Tao & Okinawan Kempo Karate

Whitlow's Academy of Wu Gung Tao & Martial Sciences

Huntsville Alabama

Greetings and Congratulations Sensei Amanda Olson! We thank the Sovereign Almighty for you as we celebrate your great achievements in the Martial Sciences! We certainly salute you for earning your 9th Dan in the Martial Arts, as you are a living legend after the Great Female Martial Arts Masters of the past and present! Your hard work and accomplishments inspire us to know that "Martial Arts is No Respecter of Persons." Again we salute you, Sensei Amanda Olson! From: Soke Shifu Derrick P Whitlow I Whitlow's Academy of Wu Gung Tao & Martial Sciences

Helen Chung Vasiliadis

Third Degree Black Belt Jhoon Rhee TKD

Jhoon Rhee Institute

Washington DC

Congratulations on your accomplishment to 9th Degree Black Belt


7th Degree Black Black

Caldwell’s Wellness Center

Chicago, IL

Congratulations for your perseverance and commitment to the Martial Arts!

Walter Sims

Self Defense Instructor

Sims Strategic Mentoring Youth Activity Program

North Little Rock Arkansas

Congratulations Master Instructor Olson, you have excelled in achieving the unimaginable. Keep climbing new heights and reaching higher levels of success.

Raphael Velez

Kwan Jang Nim, 7th Dan

Lake Ride Family Martial Arts, LLC

Lake Ridge, VA

May the best of your past, be the worst of your future. All the best~ KNJ Velez

Andy Campbell

Kyoshi 8th degree

Dragon Fire Martial Arts


A huge congratulations to you on such an amazing achievement!!!

Don Bozzuffi

5’th Dan Sa Bom

Bozzuffi Karate and Achievement Center

Deptford NJ

Congratulations on such a prestigious accomplishment. When you look back on your wonderful journey take pride in the many lives that you have touched, and the many more to come. That is the ultimate reason we assemble. Yours truly, and with utmost respect. Don Bozzuffi