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Going Back To Basic

Go2Karate Listings Being basic is by no means a compliment. So why have a basic listing for your Martial Arts School? Become the Premium School Owner you know you are with a Premium Go2Karate Listing Today! (more…)

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bear vs karate

63 Year Old Fisherman Uses Karate To Survive Bear Attack!

Incredibly the fisherman used his karate skills to scare the bear off while he was fishing. He escaped with his life but was still treated for injuries caused by the massive bear. I would never recommend you test your karate abilities out on a beast of an animal, especially not a bear. Though, in life […]

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Elavate With Go2Karate

Back To School Is In Session!!

Positioning your website directly into your targets spotlight and guiding them to make the purchase or opt-in a form is the main goal of a marketing website! And Back to School season you really want to be positioned well! So how exactly do you get your business’s website in the spotlight? (more…)

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